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  1. skrvt


    📌 I'am looking for an Experienced Python Developer that know how to use Discord APIs. ✅ Paying the Developer with: LTC , SOL 💬 DM skrvt#0001 on Discord, @offsprings on Telegram or Post a Reply For More Info (Most active over on Discord)
  2. Meoow

    ✨Meoow's Setups ✨ Years of knowledge, reliable, experienced.

  3. JustCodita

    ✨ [CHEAP SERVICES & EXPERIENCED] ➔ Setup Creator, Configs, Plugin Dev, Sys Admin and MORE ✨

  4. WonkyPigs

    Experienced Developer for hire

    Hey there! I see you want to hire a developer I do discord bot development, Java plugin development, web development, system administration, server setup, server configuration and much more! Contact me on discord to talk about payment, work hours and other details. Portfolio -...
  5. G

    Need A Manager to help Advertise,Configure and ect

    NEED MANAGER ASAP for lots of experience Server Need a manager to help advertise and configure plugins plus chat and players. my discord Adnan lol#9197 W have been searching for a manager for a while and the reason most people dont apply is because they want money but at the moment...
  6. Kappios

    ✨Atlantis Setups | Configurations Services✨Great Experience ✔️❤️

    Click here or the image to join our discord server
  7. vakaris

    aMultipliers 1.0-SNAPSHOT

    aMultipliers gives players a multiplier boost for money, mob coins, experience and mcmmo when the event is running. It's a great way to reward your players. Availabe Multiplier Types: Money Mob Coins Experience mcMMO Screenshots: Command Usage: Event Start: Event End: Receiving...
  8. V

    Youtube Thumbnail Artist

    Hello, I make high-quality thumbnails for a very affordable price (pricetag around 5-10$). I got years of experience with both editing pictures and videos, and making thumbnails is something I have done for many years. Please add me on discord if you're interested! sensational#3172
  9. FantomFancy15

    Hypixel Network Boosters

    Hello! So i am curious if there's any kind of plugin that is like Hypixels Booster plugin that gives like 2x, 3x, Coins Levels Experience and more? Thanks!
  10. SwartZ_

    Plugin & Client Developement.

    Hey, my name is SwartZ. I'm 18, and I'm a java developer. My Skills Java (+4 Years) MCP / Spigot Git (+2Years) Knows SuperiorSkyBlockAPI, LuckPermAPI, HolographicDisplayAPI, WorldEditAPI, FactionsAPI, PlaceHolderAPI, ShopGUIPlus ... And more ... Experience on minecraft server Owner &...
  11. B

    Oldschool server looking for developer

    We are looking for developers in need of experience. After finishing the project we offer the opportunity to be part of our team or create a portofolio for you. Also, throughout the developing process for our community we will give you a private personal server for you to test and to continue...
  12. Starfruit

    Looking for an experienced person to add as a partner - creating a large network / company

    75%+ of the details will need to be discussed in a Discord voice chat surely, but I will provide some foundational info here so you know what I have going on, what I am looking for, and can figure out whether this situation is right for you. Is this for you? - If you do not have at least SOME...
  13. T

    [CLOSED] Looking for Upcoming Developers

    LOOKING FOR UPCOMING DEVELOPERS Who are you? Hi there! I’m the lead of development at an upcoming survival server. We are currently in season 2 of our server which averages 5-10 players. We’re working on reworking the server and making fun exciting features for Season 3! Is this position...
  14. Lertu

    [PAID] Looking for someone that can be my right hand in development and managing!

    Hey, I own a small new Minecraft server and under the name PixumPVP (, it's currently Towny-based but we're planning to become a network. We average 20-30 players since we are new but we hope to grow more. Right now I'm looking for people with a range of skills in managing and...
  15. Royal_Scribblz

    Minecraft Plugin Development Service

    Hello, I have never commercially programmed plugins but have experience on my own server NovaMC which has several custom made plugins. My only public plugin is and has not been updated recently. I can write pretty much...
  16. Forodin

    Simple Plugins for Cheap

    Doing some simple plugins for a cheap price to get better at plugin development and get some money for college. ♦ Qualifications ♦ Java - 4 Years MySQL - 3 Years Spigot API - 1 Year Maven - 1 Year ♦ Portfolio ♦ ♦ Contact ♦ Click my signature and please let me know Budget: Deadline...
  17. Joao Da Silva

    Who needs experience? (Minecraft Server plugin work/configurator)

    Hello! We are right now looking for anyone who knows how to work with configs but also look for experience at the same time. I have my top manager/Dev who needs help and is willing to work with newly experienced people who can work with configs. Add me on discord and we will talk more in...
  18. Joao Da Silva

    In need of help with voxel/world edit (Payed Job)

    Hey! im looking for a someone who can simply do a task of smoothing out our warzone with wilderness. So someone who is familiar with voxel sniper and world edit. We pasted in our warzone poorly and need it to be fixed. its a simple task for anyone who is familiar with the plugins. Reply below...
  19. J

    Looking for a developer for a *NEW* op prison server

    Hey everybody, My name is Jack and I currently plan on creating a new OP Prison server for the community. I am searching for a developer with experience, to assist me me along the way and make this a success. This is a paid position, we can work out numbers along the way. Please message me on...
  20. Rhos

    Vector Experience Icons 2020-05-15

    Icons for use anywhere and everywhere! Buycraft, server icons, merch, it's all good - these are free to use in any way you want. Upon downloading you'll receive .png files of all of the above, as well as a version of each scaled-up to 4x. I've also included the Illustrator file so you can...
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