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  1. MrblockClock

    PEX, DeluxeChat, GUI, Kits, and Crates Configuration needed 1.13.2

    I will be opening my server in about two weeks and have been developing configurations for my kits, deluxechat, and GUI. While I have been doing a fair amount of YAML line time the results are slow and repetitive so I am willing to pay for the knowledge and knowhow of making the right setup. I...
  2. Hayden T

    I need a /rebirth for EZPrestiges & EZRanksPro

    I need exactly what that does, I need something that will reset all prestige data and take their Z rank and set it to A with a configurable reward option It needs to be a free resource. Or at a low cost.
  3. D

    EzRanksPro Rankup Configuration

    Hello! I am looking for someone who has a config for EzRanksPro (pre-made), including rank up prices for an OP prison server, or someone who provides configuring services for EzRanksPro (configs custom for each server). Please add Sniper#8762 on discord. Thank you, DatzZooIsSwag
  4. YourPanda

    EzRanksPro Rankups.YML 1.0

    This config has A-Free ranks, and the rankup prices set as well as rankup commands! These can be changed, as I have it private messaging them that they ranked up rather than a broadcast, as well as it giving them a key with the plugin Crates Reloaded. Both plugin can be found here: EzRanksPro -...
  5. System31

    Need Some Prison plugins Configured [$]

    -snip- Moving to configurations forum.
  6. RebirthMC

    Prison Rank Configuration!

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