1. KubiKraze

    Selling Custom Factions Server! Cheap price! Flamingpvp.net

    Hello MCM! So I'm currently the owner of a custom factions server, flamingpvp.net. We have a great server with lots of money, time, and dedication invested into it, but due to the fact that I'm very busy with other things U am no longer able to take care of the server. Therefore, I'll be selling...
  2. KubiKraze

    Server logo needed! Paying!

    So I have a new minecraft server flamingpvp.net, and I need a new logo for my server. Anybody willing to do one please PM me, I'm only looking for drawn logos right now. I am willing to pay, so keep that in mind too. Thanks!!!
  3. KubiKraze

    Looking for Streamers/YouTubers! Great pay!

    Hey guys! So I am the owner of the new server, flamingpvp.net, and due to the fact that the server is new the player base if quite low, therefore I am looking for either a youtuber or streamer to record or stream on my server. The server is not just any boring vanilla faction server, We offer a...
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