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  1. ThaMango

    Frog Village Spawn 1.0.0

  2. Stylez

    Hardcore Factions Terrain | 3,500 x 3,500 Border | Custom Terrain

    Hardcore Factions Custom Terrain | 3,500 x 3,500 Border [-] Increased Ores [-] Custom Terrain [-] Custom Trees [-] Optimised Terrain for PvP [-] Flat area for Roads [-] Flat area at each 500,500 Purchase the product here: If you have any issues with the product, please join the Discord...
  3. Brice

    Exclusive S Logo 1.0

    This logo is a bold S logo that if need be can work as SC or just an S. A somewhat more simplified version of the spikeball logo, in that case, I may not advise it to use in the outdoor recreation scene, however, it works everywhere else. I put every varying color schemes that may work for your...
  4. Larjd

    [Abandoned] Decus - XenForo Theme 1.1.7

    Sorting PayPal issues, don't buy Decus is a Xenforo version 2.1 or greater theme designed with careful attention to detail and a design system in place. LIVE PREVIEW (Dark theme) Screenshots [/SPOILER] Features - Easy to navigate and de-cluttered UI - Cohesive colour palettes -...
  5. _Durpy

    | Duels Map | Lake 1.0

    Big flat area with lake, perfect for a 1v1 arena :)
  6. Corrupt

    [FREE] Minimalist Thread Design (Light & Dark) 1.1

    Got really bored one night, so I decided to create a resource on here. Haven't been active on MC-Forums as much as I should be and also need to add to my portfolio. Enjoy! Fonts used: Montserrat (Typekit, 1001Fonts, GitHub)
  7. VoidWardon17

    Free SuperFlat Worlds Mars / Moon / Nether + More!

    Hi guys i could not find any good flat world packages so i made my own and now i am giving to you guys for free! y level of all builds are 42 (PM me and i can change this for you!)
  8. SapFireMC

    -=[Sap's Shop]=- ➥Thread Designs ➥Forum Signatures

    CLOSED FOR NOW Portfolio is attached files.
  9. Icify

    1.8 Flat Worlds - [MC Worlds Pack] 1.0

  10. Rsyx

    Need server logo Ideas

    Hello I need some advice on server logo, which style should I choose that suitable for my server name and style? About My server is a Skyblock server with some RPG touch, the name is Aeria World Style 1.Flat (Text + Icon) 2.Illustrated flat 3.Handrawn text (maybe with some particle) Note...
  11. Sy1

    Letter A Logo Design Only 5$ When u buy it u get it without the watermark
  12. Xilpher

    2d/3d LOGO FOR $$$

    Basically need a FLAT 2d/3d logo. It has to be BLACKonWHITE or WHITEonBLACK, no colors allowed. It has to be original and basically no meaning (could be anything) <---- OR design a logo with the text : MOCC Show me your portfolio and give me a price.
  13. robinp7720

    FlatMC - Website Template 1.0

    Flat MC is a custom, fully responsive, professionally designed website template target towards minecraft server owners. Support will be provided free off charge once purchased. Modifications such as conversion into wordpress themes can be requested but will not be included in the original...
  14. Brice

    Flat Fish 1.0

    This purchase comes with a total of 10 different aquatic animals. This pack may also expand to have more fish as time goes on. Some species that were created are the manta ray, narwal, pufferfish, shark, swordfish, and whale. You will receive a folder with each fish saved on a separate image
  15. Pringe

    4 Flat Duel Maps - Only 0.99$ 2017-03-10

    These are the 4 flat duel maps (Very simple, yet satisfying good pvpers and allows them to practice their pvp skills in any way they please) *Note - they might look different in the pictures, but they're all the same size - a decent size that allows pvpers to move freely. If something isn't...
  16. L

    D Factions spawn

  17. Zyrl

    Sleek, Flat, Clean | Thread Design for Sale

    Hiya y'all. Just giving this out a try to see how the market responds to flat designs. I'm selling four copies of this thread design for $2.00, it's fully customizeable and easy to edit. I've labeled everything and sorted them into folders. If you're not able to use photoshop, I'm willing to...
  18. Chay

    [75% Off] minester - Truly Your Hipster Minecraft Server Landing Page RELEASED 4.0

    minester a truly hipster minecraft template NEW! DARK THEME (v4.0) What is minester ? minester is a Minecraft Server Landing Page and it is one of the most modern of its kind. minester uses simple yet modern technology such as Swipe Slider, a powerful slider API. With a mix of flat and...
  19. D

    Donald's Design Shop

    Instagram Website Dribbble Any Questions? You can contact me on Spigot through a PM as well.
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