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forge developer

  1. Krazzzzymonkey

    Minecraft Forge Developer Needed!

    Looking for specifically java Minecraft forge developers who know mixins. I have recently been working with a native loader for Minecraft Forge 1.12.2. The Loader is needed for DRM reasons. We have got everything working, mod starts, all classes are available except for mixins. If anyone is...
  2. MetraKrow

    ISO Forge Plugin Developer Knowledgeable w. Pixelmon API

    My team is in search of a Forge Developer who is able to work with the Reforged/Pixelmon API. We are in need of multiple plugins. Some are simple (MOTD schedule) and others are complex (Mini Games). Plugins must be ported for Minecraft 1.12.2- Latest version of Forge. I Will go more in depth in...
  3. Heavin Guerrero

    [PAID] Finding forge mod developers

    Hi, Im finding someone to make me a forge 1.8.9 mod, ill tell you the details on my discord HeavinSlayer109#4861
  4. gerorge


  5. S

    Looking for a Forge Client Mod Developer (1.7.10 Build)

    A Mod Concept needs to be written down in Code into a full mod. The Mod size will be rather big. I’m not a Coder but I guess some tasks are rather difficult to do. Quick Info on What to do (Code) : - New Materials with Blocks, Ingots, Dusts, Fluids, Gases, Tools, Armor for each - Various...
  6. S

    Forge Mod Developer for Modding Project

    Hi everyone! I am in search of a Forge mod developer to work on a mod that would add new features and functionality to Minecraft horses to make them more robust. The project would include adding the following items, blocks and features: New colors and markings for horses New tack and...
  7. T

    Looking for Forge Developer! [Project Finished]

    Hello there! I'm currently looking for a Developer that has some Experience with Minecraft Forge for 1.12.2 and is also capable of coding some C-sharp. Brief explanation of what i want: Partial / Full rewrite of an open source Mod to fit my needs. (GNU) What YOU should know: Java Minecraft...
  8. Sm0keySa1m0n

    Forge mod developerThe developer

    Hello reader, my name is Joe and I am looking for an experienced minecraft mod developer that will be willing to dedicate time to a big mod/game which I cannot disclose the name of. The developer we are looking for needs to be willing to volunteer without pay for the initial creation period due...
  9. ElFly


    Looking for experienced forge mod developers to make me a new mod every 1 or 2 weeks to be released on my YouTube channel (currently 14.5k) My YouTube Channel: My Channel (click) Proof of Ownership: Proof (click) Yes this is paid and can be discussed If you are interested add me on discord...
  10. mistersand

    Developer for forge

    Hey, I'm Inquiring today looking for a developer that has experience in forge 1.6.4 (this version already have gradle btw). I don't have a specific project, we are an online server with ~300 online players, so we always i need a of a developer for somes project and we obviously pay for each...
  11. S

    Mob Ai

    Forge 1.10.2 I currently have a model artist making mobs with animation in Tabula, ATM there are two mobs, more coming soon. If you can turn these mobs into a working mod, with various attributes I can donate for your time. this is a semi private project so I can discuss further details on...
  12. Shape The Cube

    Forge / Sponge Block Logging Mod

    I am looking for a experienced forge / sponge mod developer to create a Block Logging Mod either sponge or forge for 1.10.2 I will list the versions below. I do realise that there is Prism and Inspector tool that already do this the issue is Prism is not updated to 1.10.2 yet Inspector mod no...
  13. S

    Forge API developer for hire

    Hi, I'm offering my services as a Forge API developer (I make mods, not plugins). PM if interested. Here are examples of my work:
  14. Rubbertjuh

    [170$ Paid] Developer with Forge/Modding experience!

    Hello all, First of all I would like to thank you for checking out my thread. I run a semi-successful public Minecraft server running the Tekkit Legends modpack(CB 1.7.10). Lately, a particular mod has been acting up and causing a lot of lag. I'm talking about Industrial Craft 2 Classic, the...
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