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free building

  1. _MooMi_

    F r e e building services

    Hey there! I'm a 15 year old minecraft builder. I'm currently offering f r e e building services. I can build a n y t h i n g you want at a resonable scale (exp.50x50) You may add me on discord and i can send you some of my builds. Thanks a lot! For any questions --> Discord: PythonIX#2175
  2. RIOT___

    free to low budget quality building

    Greetings, I am an independent builder, I currently have much experience in building and server work but little documentations to show for it, other then a few builds. I am looking for a server that needs an extra hand with building or just needs a few builds done. I am usually willing to work...
  3. RIOT___

    Builder looking for opportunities

    Greetings, I am an independent builder, looking for opportunities to raise my portfolio. I have built many many different builds, but I realized I have minimal documentation of my service. I was looking for a cheap budget server to build for. Simply for free. The only requirements I have is that...
  4. Supermzn

    Free detailed and quality builds for vouches and reactions

    Hello I am getting back into building and with some spare time I can build whatever you need Interior base designs, koths, spawns, warzones, anything just message me. All I ask for in return is a vouch or a positive reaction. :) NOTE- Please allow me a few days if the build is large and/or if...
  5. Z

    100 x 100 Modern Spawn

    Hello, My name is KamuiSharingan, I'm looking for someone who is willing to do me a solid and make me a standard 100 x 100 city themed spawn. The buildings will have minimal detail. There will be 4 roads for 4 different Portals. Thank you in advanced, If you're willing to build this please...
  6. Z

    Doing builds for Free!

    Hello i am zDeltaPvPz or PlebPride. I enjoy building in minecraft and want to be better at it! I want to eventually build my own team and have a good business going. If you would like me to build something for you Private message me on here with the theme, size wanted, etc.. All i ask is that if...
  7. RogueBuilder

    I am building free builds

    Hey Hey you you I could be your builder! Okie, my dudes (and girl dudes). I love building, But I not just love building. I am good at it too! I have been on a build team here another one there. Built on servers been builders for servers. but I mainly do partnerships and self-services, I am...
  8. cameralens

    Need builders for my building team (website is up)

    blue block builds (a new build team.) Needs staff.... Do you enjoy building. Do you enjoy building on servers! well we are hiring recruits to help make builds for servers. Most builds will be free but if they are really big they will be paid for. and the money split among the builders. we are...
  9. IamZeus


    Free just built today i took a break from building and im doing some warm up builds and giving them away have a nice day
  10. Galxii

    MiniGames Map Builder.

    Hey! I am currently looking to start a little buisness. I am offering to make custom minigames maps. Such as: Skywars, pvp arenas, CTF and many more. The requirments are: You must be serious about this, and not keep me waiting. A server I have access to, and I am always opped. More coming, if...
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