free configs

  1. Vxro

    SimpleScore Skyblock Configuration v1.0

    OVERVIEW This resource is a simple-looking SkyBlock scoreboard configuration for the plugin SimpleScore. Configuration was tested and made on 1.19.3. DEPENDENCIES SimpleScore LuckPerms(Or any other plugin that supports Vault) EssentialsX SuperiorSkyblock2 (Or any other SkyBlock plugin, you'll...
  2. DevX

    DevX | HQ - Fast Delivery - Vouch Copies (1/50)

  3. zmaddi


    ↳ ALONSOTAGS [Free] 》✅-alonsotags-1-8-1-17-•-unlimited-tags-textures-custom-model-data.83664/
  4. zmaddi

    [TabList] NOTMADDI CONFIG | 100% OFF 3 Color High Quality Cool Themplate vFREE

    The best free config you can find in MCM! Have Title Animated And Fully Configurable ☆ TAB ⇨ You can find all informations about player's statistic, Domain of your server, How many players are online & the name of your server! ☆ COLORS ⇨ 3 type of colors! ↳ TAB [Free]...
  5. zmaddi

    TabList|Simple Tablist - lobby - Purple - HQ! vFREE

    TabList Free Config Preview: [❤️] Change Whats You Want! [❤️] Free To Use!
  6. zmaddi

    Scoreboard | Aesthetic Config - 1 Color For Category - HQ! vFREE

    RealScoreboard Config [❤️] Animated Title [❤️] Change PAPI, Name, Color And Emoji!
  7. Nesovi


  8. Symthinical

    Free Configuration Work

    Hey, looking to do free configuration work for rep, feel free to message me on discord @ Sellinq#7859
  9. nbsf

    FREE Faction Configs in 3 Styles v1.3.1

    3 Styles Faction Configs Version 1 has a dominant Red in the messages and has a red, light red, gray, yellow, gold, pink design. This helps to add detail and show certain details designed for small and big servers! The config is also made to be edited easily if you wanna change it. Pictures...
  10. BobbyDrank

    Bob's Configurations' ➡️ Affordable ➡️ Active & Quick!!

    Hello I'm offering my services to the public now my prices and contact info are down below don't hesitate to try negotiate a price this isn't about money more less helping the community. (Money is involved because I'm saving for something About Me: Welcome to Bob's Configurations' Thread. I'm a...
  11. Jacob.

    Config Setups (FREE)

    Hello! Today I am going to be offering free config setups, for up to 3 different plugins. I don't really do much configs, but I would love to get better, which is why I am doing these for free at the moment, I still do know what I am doing though. I have the right to deny any config if it is too...
  12. Ammo

    Free Configs

    Hello everyone of mc-market! Today I will be opening my free configuration service. Configurations I will do; LiteBans GroupManager (permissions/prefixes) PermissionsEX (permissions/prefixes) MaxBans Some other plugins! just tell me what you want done and I MIGHT do it.
  13. Sliide_

    ● Configurations

    Hey MCM, (My first language is Spanish if is something wrong written) What am doing? Today I am looking for people who want a free configuration or just is too lazy for make it. Am doing this for vouch, donations or reputation What style of plugins? Litebans (Config, Messages) Essentials...
  14. Dryxx

    ⚡Dryxx's Free Config Setups!⚡

    Hello MC-Marketers! I am currently giving away free configurations to any plugin whatsoever for a vouch or reputation in return! (completely your choice). I am currently giving this away as I am hoping to in turn get enough vouches and reputations to setup a HQ configuration shop! What I need...
  15. ChromeIV

    Configurations =Quality configs - Plugin of choice=

    Hello everyone! I would like to offer you a special, limited time deal. Got a plugin, or even multiple plugins, which you have wanted configured. Maybe it's too long or complex? Well, look no further. With the quality of a professional, you can hire me to do your unwanted configs, FREE! As...
  16. Rationalization

    Free middle man service to gain rep

    Hi, I want to plunge into other things on Mc-Market but 90% of the time if you don't have a good rep and/or vouches you can't get anywhere with anyone. I also do configs for cheap at the moment, in an attempt to get rep as well If you'd like to use me add me on skype at Rationalities Thanks! :D
  17. Vip

    Setting Up Free Plugins for Vouchs

    Hey there I am setting up Free plugins from spigot for Vouches that's, its almost completely free and harmless. I will be accepting donations to my PayPal that its: [email protected] Contact me on Skype: YouCrazySon 123 Any scams E.g You wont vouch me or dis vouch me will be a scam and ill...
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