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free plugin

  1. Necron Services

    NecronWaypoint 0.0.1

  2. ViiRal

    Free Development [Limited Time Only]

    Basically as title says. All free plugins will be put publicly on here and/or my github You'll get access to the SRC but you won't get any updates or changes from me All information is on my GitHub profile.
  3. HelloWorld

    [0/5 VC] Doing Small/Medium Plugins for a vouch and portfolio

    Hello, I would like to offer doing small and medium plugins only to build reputation on this site. Contact me via discord @ HelloWorld#5013 I have about 6 years of Java experince.
  4. G

    I can code you free plugins.

    Soo, hello, my first post here.. First of all: English is not my native language, so i apologize for any mistakes. I'm here to code free plugins for you, BUT keep in mind: - The plugins are free, so they do not belong to you (but you can use as you like.) - They will be open-sourced plugins -...
  5. skittles

    [FREE] High-Quality Plugin Development

    Hello! I am currently offering FREE Spigot plugin development. I need plugins to put for a portfolio on my GitHub, since it is currently empty. I can provide high-quality plugins because I'm not new to plugin development, I just need stuff for my GitHub and I cannot put paid plugins on there...
  6. X


  7. G

    Free Plugins for Vouches

    So I have been making bukkit/spigot plugins for a while and I heard about this site from another developer that uses this website. I am willing to make a simple plugin of your choosing for just a vouch if I complete it to your liking. Dm me on discord GoodVibes#1232 or email me at...
  8. Zilley

    Free Small Plugins for Vouches

    Free Plugin Development I am currently trying to build a reputation on MCMarket, so if you have a small plugin you would like me to make, I'm all in, I don't expect any payment other than a vouch! :) For your request, please follow the following structure so I know exactly what you want...
  9. MosheTDD

    [Free] Custom plugins

    Hey! My name is Moshe! I am a considerably new developer using SpigotAPI and Java with 1-2 months of experience and I am looking for ways to work on my developing skills and build a portfolio and decided to do so by offering some free plugins. I'll make any small-medium plugin that you're...
  10. WilddWolf

    [FREE] Small-Medium Plugin Development

    -- No Longer Offering! -- Offering development of small-medium sized custom plugins. 6+ years of Java Development SQL Support High Quality Plugins Looking to gain some reputation and vouches, add me on Discord:
  11. Selectaa

    Thread design for MCM resource

    Hi MCM, I am looking for a thread design for either one (or both!) of my MCM resources, found here: In exchange for the thread design I will provide a copy of the plugins for free. Please add me at my...
  12. skittles

    One free plugin. I need a good idea for it.

    Hello MCM! I'm trying to find someone who has a really good idea for a plugin that I can put for sale on MCM and/or SpigotMC. I will give credit to you for the idea and if I make a decent amount of money, I'll send some your way. PM me your ideas! I shall get back to you ASAP.
  13. Jolt

    [FREE] Small Plugins for Vouches

    Hello McMarket, I am offering small plugins for anyone to build my portfolio. A vouch would be expected in return for the plugin unless it is an idea. If you have any ideas for me, or need a plugin, use the format below: Format Name of plugin: version: explain what it does: have you added me...
  14. Raidor

    [Free] Plugin Development for Small Plugins

    Hello, I am offering free Minecraft spigot plugin development for small and simple needs and ideas. If you are interested, contact me either via discord or by leaving a message below. Discord: David M.#9898 My main reason for doing so is to build up my portfolio and knowledge. Thank you for...
  15. B

    Offering small basic plugins for free.

    Hi there, I have been learning SpigotAPI for around a week now and want some practice, so i'll be offering a free basic plugin, atleast if I know how to do it or can find a method/event for it. If you are interested there is no guarantee that I will complete the plugin and you may not claim the...
  16. suicidal

    Looking to trade a custom plugin for an OG.

    Hello, I am in desperate need of an OG account. I am an experience developer, willing to make you a completely custom plugin of your choosing, with a range of features from moderate to advanced. If you are interested please add me on discord @suicide#0001 and shoot me a message Thanks <3
  17. B

    Free plugins

    Hey I'm Befus and I would like to make some easy/intermediate plugins for you. Feel free to message me on discord Befus#1162. I'm just bored
  18. Harry

    DesirePrefix - Custom Command Prefixes [Free] [v1]

    Information: This plugin allows you to set a custom prefix in-game to trigger any command, similar to how a lot of Discord bots allow you to set the command prefix. e.g. Instead of running '/help' in-game, you could use '!help' if the prefix '!' is set, but you can also set multiple prefixes at...
  19. LumaMajor

    Creating Small-Medium Plugins for Free

    Hello! I'm very new to this site so I'd like to establish my developer skills and legitimacy by making plugins for free. If you're interested my Discord is SentinelGaming#4525 and I will asses your plugin concept. I am free to decline any plugin proposition and cancel any current work in...
  20. Firelove

    FiryWords v1.0 - Easily Block Words [Free Download]

    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Do you need any help? Skype: Firelove Discord: Firelove#6721 SpigotMC: *Click here* If you experience any issues, feel free to directly contact me. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ This simple plugin helps server...
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