1. OfficialTM

    Admin Panel - WORKING WITH DISCORD v1.0

    PUNISHMENT MANAGEMENT Ban Mute Warn Kick Unban Unmute Check Infractions Orbital Kick Check Ban SERVER MANAGEMENT Day Lock Server Message Night Unlock Shutdown USER MANAGEMENT Jail Bring View Unjail Teleport Unview Void Freeze Respawn Devoid Unfreeze Remove Tool ADMIN MANAGEMENT Admin...
  2. K

    SnowFreeze - v1.0 Pre Release

    FEATURES Players can move will be fixed soon English Language Updates Soon Reload skript COMMANDS /freeze /unfreeze /snowfreeze reload Please don't use my project as your own.
  3. Rubjah

    gStaffMode | Modern Staff Tool v1.2

  4. UwWumpus

    wStaff | A great solution to moderation v3.41

    NOTE: It may say some licenses were given for free, but that may not always be the case. I have been selling wStaff off-site for the past year so I have just transferred their download access here.
  5. I_Luv_Cowz

    Echo Screenshare Tool API Implementation v1.13

    Open sourced: Before you continue, you need to own either a personal or enterprise plan of Echo SS Tool to use this plugin. This plugin aims to help server owners use Echo's REST API to its fullest potential. This plugin allows moderators to: Freeze cheaters...
  6. ItsEatHam

    SSFreeze | ScreenShare Optimized | 1.7 ~ 1.12 | v1.2

    What is the term "Freezing" in Minecraft? Freeze is used by Staff Members to stop Cheaters by "Freezeing" them. When a player is frozen in game, it stops them from moving / interacting with everything around them, for example damaging other players or breaking / placing blocks. Most commonly a...
  7. joeleoli

    ProperFreeze - A free, simple, and non-glitchy freeze plugin

    This is really just an example on how to freeze a player completely without glitching their screen or constantly teleporting them.
  8. chelsea1124

    freeze plugin 100% customisable v1.6

    Need help with coding or my plugins join the discord This is a Minecraft plugin that allows you to freeze players if you think they are hacking with the command /freezer {player} this plugin will come in useful if you are not able to keep track of the player on your server and you need to...
  9. Jaimexo

    FreezePlayer [FREE] v1.1

    Commands: /freeze <player> Permissions: freeze.use 1. Easy setup 2. Only command 3. Only permission 4. 0% Lagg In next updates: Sound selection
  10. L

    Looking for Freeze GUI Skript [FREE]

    I am looking for a simple freeze gui script that I can edit easily! I want it to open a CHEST WITH 1 ROW named &c&lYou are currently frozen! and on the slot 0,1,3,4,5,7,8 a GRAY STAINED GLASS named &cYou are currently frozen! and on SLOT 2 there's a GREEN STAINED GLASS name &aAdmit with a lore...
  11. 7rory768

    Simple Freeze - A useful plugin for punishing players

    Download: Simple Freeze is an expansive plugin that allows you to freeze players individually or everyone at once. You can prevent players from performing certain functions and customize all messages. Freeze players individually or...