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  1. DiZe__

    DAYPVP|Minecraft Network| Staff Recruitment| Advertising Manager

    Information: Hello everyone we are a small Minecraft Network server. We currently have Skyblock but we are also working on a Survival server. We currently don't have many helpers and we are looking to add 5-10 new helpers to the team. All of the members that are helpers are able to move up in...
  2. OriginalNugget

    Candyland Minecraft community!

    Candyland Minecraft Server Welcome to Candyland. Candyland is a new and soon to open Minecraft Community that has a big variety to offer for you to experience and enjoy. Candyland is a Family friendly community who welcomes anyone into their community as a part of the family! What can we...
  3. S


    SpacePvP: Hello, we are currently looking for staff members and media so we would appreciate it if anyone would like to apply for staff or become a media / promote the server! What is SpacePVP - SpacePVP is a PvP network with features never seen before and game modes such as PracticePvP, HCF...
  4. Aiben

    URGENT for Hosted UHC by Reflex Network!

  5. Aiben

    First Hosted UHC By Reflex Network! 1.8-1.15

  6. Epic_Ezio

    Safehaven Custom Towny Server Advertisement

    Safehaven is a community-driven server meant for players of all ages and playing ability. We use a completely custom Kingdoms plugin to give players a unique experience. Custom Bosses and Enchantments are only some of the distinct content available for ALL players. Our staff is active and ready...
  7. Smurrffy

    LeafMC [Factions 1.15.2] is requesting for any YouTubers!

    Hello people of the MC-Market, My name is Smurrffy, and I help run a fairly new, but fully functional/organized and promising factions server, the one and only LeafMC (*crowd applauding*) Since we are new, even though we have completed the server's staff team (more applications will open soon...
  8. GoogleMyKyries

    NovaPvP》Staff Recruitment

    NovaPvP is currently looking for active/experienced & ofc mature staff members. If you think you're active, experienced, mature make sure to go and apply. As of me, I'm currently a Trial-Mod on the server. I help out the server and the Owner. We are using cHCF (CavePvP's core) and it will be...
  9. oOKorpzOo

    MysticRealmNetwork[]Staff Needed

    Looking For A PVP Server? Join MysticRealmNetwork! IP: Discord: ht tps: // disc ord.g g/ xcm4wXv (No Spaces) Website: ht tp:/ / www. mysticrealmnetwork .com/ (No Spaces) More Info in our Discord. Mystic Realm Network is a child-friendly PVP server. We have...
  10. MCZONE Services

    Staff at Hycore Development {All Positions PAID}

    Staff at hycore development: Positions Available- Sales reps (In need of the most) Setup Specialist (In need) Builders Website developers/designers Java developers Graphics designers Commissions percentages: Sales reps (10%) Setup specialists (80-85%) Builders (80%) Website developer/designer...
  11. Chad Griffith|Reliable Dedicated Servers!|Owned|99% Uptime!|Florida Location

    Hello there guys! I'm proud to present my lineup of dedicated servers that you may customize to your hearts content for a very low price! All my servers are owned and managed by me on the hardware level in a professionally built private data-center with redundant power and efficient cooling. I...
  12. Cucloops

    Server with Friendly Staff and Community :)

    Hello there! If you are looking for a good server with Friendly Staff and Community! Here is it :) Ip - Play.DarkRoses.Us Join Now! With 1.11 or 1.12 :) SKyBlock, Survival (with Vehicles, Furnitures, MyPets Coming Soon!) OpFactions, BedWars! No Lagg!!! :)
  13. Linebeck

    [SOAROASIS] - Staff Members needed.

    Hello, my name is Hypergyzed. I am a owner of a server and soon to be a owner of a upcoming network. At this moment in time, I need staff positions filled for my small friendly community server. Here are the positions that need filling. 1. Builder - (I've designed most of the server myself, I...
  14. Q

    Need a YouTuber with over 5k Subs.

    Hello, I am looking for a YouTuber with over 5k subs to make regular videos on my new server. The server is OP-Factions but doesnt have many players. I can pay, but I will talk privately about the price. I will message you the IP privately. Thank you, Qka :)