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  1. GabyTM

    [TokenEnchant] LuckyRewards | Try your luck v1.1

    Receive random rewards after breaking a block or killing an entity. Multiple events - LuckyRewards supports BlockBreakEvent and EntityDeathEvent, events can also be disabled Tiers - Multiple levels with the same rewards Multiple rewards - Allows you to give multiple rewards at the same time...
  2. GabyTM

    MasterCooldowns v1.6.1

    The perfect tool manage the cooldowns for a rewards GUI and not only. Commands | Placeholders | Examples | Statistics If you enjoy the resource, please don't forget to leave a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review. Icon made by Freepik
  3. GabyTM

    GUIHelper | The in-game GUI builder v1.0.7

    THE PLUGIN IS NOT ABANDONED, DEV BUILDS FOR V1.1.0 CAN BE FOUND ON GITHUB! Creating GUIs through a config file can be a mess. It's hard to visualize how it'll look, and you end up stressing over small details This tool helps you to build your desired menu in-game easy and fast and you'll...
  4. GabyTM

    Gravatar support

    Add Gravatar support. Personal, I don't want to update manual the profile picture of my accounds everytime and I guess I'm not the only.
  5. GabyTM

    Remove me

    ▪ DRPG Guild ▪ 41 Guild Members ▪ Bots ▪ NO Pings ▪ Self Roles ▪ MEE6 Ranking System ▪ Giveaways ▪ And Many More! ➥ Join our server now: https://discord.gg/Jmd6jFe
  6. GabyTM

    FREE | Punish GUI v1.1

    A menu that helps you moderate your server more easily! ● 100% customizable ● Easy to use ● Light ● Only one command: /punish [player] (punish.acces) ● FREE ● MyCommand v5.3.4
  7. GabyTM

    FREE | mcMMO Statistics GUI v1.3

    A menu with your mcMMO statistics, 100% customizable and FREE. VirustTotal scan Permission: mcmmo.statistics.acces ● 100% customizable ● All skills ● Light ● FREE ● DeluxeMenus v1.10.4 ● PlaceholderAPI v2.8.3 ● mcMMO v1.5.08-SNAPSHOT
  8. GabyTM

    Resource Version

    Add this option for resources, and maybe another one with "Minecraft Version: ...".
  9. GabyTM

    FREE | Jobs Reborn GUI v1.4

    A menu with jobs for Jobs Reborn plugin, 100% customizable and FREE. Permission: jobs.access ● 100% customizable ● Default jobs ● Light ● FREE
  10. GabyTM

    ★ Cheap | Discord Setups ★