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  1. EliteCreatures

    Galaxy Weapon & Tool Pack 1.0

    Galaxy Weapon and Tool Pack, Includes 20 Models: Models Include: Wings Wand Sword Sickle Shovel Rifle Quiver Pickaxe Mace Knife Key Hoe Helmet Hammer Grenade Fishing Rod Claw Chest Bow Axe
  2. H

    I will sell the Minecraft project with mods | 45$

    We have: 2 Hi-Tech and Galaxy, DLE site, xenforo forum, launcher, launcher auto-installer, domain, discord server, player base Payback 1 months All the dupes are also fixed 1648937719 Discord: Hamrusy#9253
  3. Ohias

    Giant spaceship. 2021-12-02

    This spaceship is mildly detailed but giant and good for a spawn or a mission.
  4. EnyoBuilds

    [ -16% ] GALAXY SHIP SPAWN [ $ 4.99 ] 1.12+

    3D MODEL Includes: PVP ARENA You will get: SCHEMATIC FILE If you need any help: DISCORD / DISCORD
  5. F

    ! GalaxyOrbs Minecraft Network !

    GalaxyOrbs Minecraft Network Welcome everyone to GalaxyOrbs! Here at GalaxyOrbs, our main goal is to expand the Minecraft community, making it more enjoyable then ever before! What we offer Here at GalaxyOrbs, we offer many different gamemodes including KitPvP, Factions, Prisons, Skyblock...
  6. GalaxiaOwner

    GalaxiaNetwork - OITQ, Party Games, Super Crates! - Have a great time!

    Hey there! Want to have a fresh minigames experience? Well, you're in luck! GalaxiaNetwork has a wide range of minigames for players to enjoy! ★ Party Games ★ One in the Quiver ★ Parkour ★ Duels And a lovely fish named Herman! But minigames is not the only good thing that GalaxiaNetwork has...
  7. F

    GalaxyOrbs is requesting Staff and Media!

    Hello! My name is Frost, and I am the manager here at GalaxyOrbs. GalaxyOrbs is a kitpvp, skyblock, prisons, and factions server. We are planning to release here in the next few weeks. (Before the end of January) As we approach our release, we are in need of a few helpers. The helpers on our...
  8. Luis brill

    ⚡️Star wars Death Star⚡️ [Non-Exclusive]

    I'm selling a pre-built Death star from star wars it includes full interior (not exact) and is a size of 60x60 from side to side. Price £7 / $9 Dm me on discord Bri1iant#7674 you can receive in either schematic or world file up to you.
  9. Smay96

    *SanaMC* A Galaxy Far far away

    My brand new server is a galaxy themed faction based server in 1.8.8. take over the galaxy with each month the top faction will win prizes, we are doing comparisons /events each week with the chance to win ranks, crate keys and much more! Become the richest on the server slaying your enemy’s for...
  10. rissendanger

    Good quality Logos cheap and customizable

    message me and i can create a logo similar to this one for £1
  11. BucketOfSloths

    [Auto-Buy] Spleef Arena - "Galactic"

    This product is a for a .schematic style of a Galactic themed Spleef Arena. Click the "imgur" logo in the top left of the album to view the pictures! Album viewing is currently broken. Visit more builds on our website, PRICE: ONLY $1.50 Automatically Checkout with PayPal...
  12. Galaxy Skill


    Hi, my name is Galaxy, and I'm selling PvPCoin, a PvP Practice server that took our dedicated developers and staff months to make and thousands of dollars. The reason I am selling this server for such a low price is because it's been years and I've lost the motivation to try and revive it once...
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