1. Aidans

    Video Game Animator/Graphic Designer needed

    Hello I am Aidan, I am at the moment creating a video game. I need a graphic designer/animator to work on the pixel sprites for this game. All credit split and we will be 50% 50% partners. I will do all code (already 50% done code) and you will do all designing. Please respond.
  2. Hollister

    Forum Ban Game!

    The Game is simple. All you have to do is say why the user above you should be banned (Don't use hate) you should format it like this, User @username should be banned because (Reason). Do this to the person above you! (Or Anyone) Lets play!
  3. Meluii

    would you rather...

    Would you rather...
  4. ItsTheGuv


    1.7.10-1.9.2 SUPPORT UPDATE! THANKS FOR 30 PURCHASES! :) PURCHASE HERE - SALE ONLY £2.85!! Mineplex Server Selector Description: Need a server selector plugin that you can use to show available mini-game servers for your...
  5. ItsTheGuv

    Bungee Game Signs & Queue Signs

    1.7.10-1.9.2 SUPPORT UPDATE! THANKS FOR 64 PURCHASES! BUY THE PLUGIN HERE: SALE ONLY £2.85!! Bungee Game Signs Description: Own a mini-game network and need a game sign system for players to join games? Want a cheap...
  6. M

    Need an Android \ IOs developer.

    Hello, forum. If there is anybody capable of developing the android \ IOs games with a lot of spare time, please, contact me in Skype: squizzz1 The work is paid. I will talk about the details when you add me. Thank you.
  7. Muhai

    Have a Cool idea for a Video Game?

    Hello everyone! I am part of an Indipendent game company we are 6 months into development of our first game "End of the Mine". So right now we are nearing the Pre-Production of our second game. Sense we haven't reach the pre-production quite yet, we still haven't...
  8. John Hastings

    WoBHosting | Hosting done right...

    WoBHosting: WoBHosting started out as a gaming community back in 2009, that grew into a hosting company in 2012. We know what it's like to run communities, it's not easy! As a gaming community focused on Minecraft we hopped around from host to host, and could never quite find what we were...