1. K

    Custom TGE Icons v1.0

    Custom made Icons by: KingDelex Includes: Storm Troopers Vaders Fist Shock Troopers Death Troopers Scout Troopers Imperial Commandos Imperial Security Bureau Red Guard
  2. Caxseii

    Clone Army GFX Pack v1.0

    This kit contains the following logos: 41st, 104th, 212th, 327th, 501st, ARC, ARF, CG, GAR, Instructors, 21st Marines, Officer Corps, RC, RG, RI and SG. Updates for this pack will be coming soon, more Icons will be made for Jedi, CIS and other Divisions suchas the 187th and other REQUESTED...
  3. Pandi is cool

    TGE Logos v1.0

    TGE LOGO GFX PACK!!! This is a awesome logo pack which includes the following divisions and others ⇒ TGE Main Logo ⇒ Death Troopers ⇒ Imperial Red Guard ⇒ ISB Division ⇒ IST Division ⇒ Scout Division ⇒ STC Sector ⇒ Vader's Fist ⇒ Inquisitor Dm .pandi. for questions or other things
  4. fpchehe

    Aumburh Studios

    Welcome to aumburh Studios 🍀 Our Services ⚒️ : 🖥️ Server Setups & Files 🎨 Graphic Designs 🏗️ Server Builds 💬 Discord, Store & TS Setups If you are interested you can join our discord server for mor information: or
  5. ForgeIsTaken

    Republic Icon Logo Pack v1.0

    This pack will allow you to gain access to 9 Republic Icons!
  6. TechX

    BA Large Logo Set v1.0

    This set contains the main logo and 17 other divisional logos. The divisional logos in this set: Foreign Affairs, Royal Engineers, Education and Training Services, Royal Military Academy, Royal Military Police, Royal Army Medical Corps, Royal Tank Regiment, Intelligence Corps, Grenadier Guards...
  7. Leap Development

    Galactic Empire GFX Pack V2 v1.0

    This is the Galactic Empire GFX Bundle V2. This bundle contains very high quality TGE icons. This bundle contains the icons for the following divisions: The Galactic Empire, Imperial Security Bureau, Nova Corps, Death troopers, Shock Troopers, Scout Troopers, and Vader's Fist. These icons are...
  8. Leap Development

    GAR Icon Pack v1.0

    This is the GAR Icon Pack. This bundle of GFX icons are perfect for any Star Wars Republic group! This pack includes GFX for: GAR/TGA/TGAR Republic Intelligence Red Guard Senate Guard Coruscant Guard Advanced Recon Commandos Republic Commandos Advanced Recon Forces 501st Legion 442nd Seige...
  9. Fireblaster819

    Mountain Style Discord Role Icons v1.0

    These 10 Role icons are great for community servers, or just general discord servers it allows members to see in a flash what rank that member has.
  10. GPI

    Military GFX Pack 1 v1.0

    PSD Files so you can change almost everything High Quality Suitable for many uses, however was specifically made for British Army groups
  11. NavyNoah

    Noah's GFX Design | Thread Designs

  12. matejskubic

    TGE Graphic Design Thumbnail v1.0

    A single image for game thumbnails Good for TGE groups and some Republics...
  13. GPI

    Military Police GFX Icon v1.0

    Incredibly High Quality Render Includes PSD and PNG files Game ready, just edit the text yourself!
  14. fpchehe

    aumburh Studios

    Welcome to aumburh Studios 🍀 Our Services ⚒️ : 🖥️ Server Setups & Files 🎨 Graphic Designs 🏗️ Server Builds 💬 Discord, Store & TS Setups If you are interested you can join our discord server for mor information: or
  15. baconz

    TGE GFX Pack v3

    This product includes a Vader, 501st, ST, IST, Storm Trooper Corps, ISB, Royal Guard, and a DT GFX If you have any questions DM me on discord, baconz_#0001 If you see anyone leaking or reselling these they do not have permission, please report these people to me. Reselling, like I just said...
  16. Chewynald


    Hello, I have not been on here in a while, however, I am knowledgeable that there are many talented people on this site. I am looking for someone to revamp my YouTube channel, I am looking to make a comeback and want a whole new look. Discord is azlan#7408 if you are able to help with this...
  17. kaziskingdom

    Republic Icons v1.0

    Enjoy these 6 sweet Republic Group Icons to bedazzle your ROBLOX Group’s Icon! These 6 Icons symbolize the following Republic legion(s): (CREATED BY KAZISW) Individuals with Resell SpencerCW
  18. kaziskingdom

    TGR Thumbnail v1.0

    Republic Thumbnail for your Republic Group!
  19. kaziskingdom

    Sith Empire Icons v1.0

    Enjoy these 8 Sith Empire-based icons to use and cosmetically upgrade your group! Red = TSE Purple = Inquisitors White/Silver = Reavers Orange = Law and Justice Sphere Light Red = Dark Honor Guards Yellow = Dread Masters Blue = Sith Intelligence Light Pink = Dark Council / Powerbase The Sith...
  20. kaziskingdom

    TGR Logo Pack v1.0

    One of the more bigger GFX pack. This will fully equip your Republic Group with the logos needed to decorate your group. Credits: Ferd & Kryex (permission acquired)
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