1. zArrowTan

    GG Wave v2.0

    THIS PLUGIN IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON SPIGOTMC! Buy the plugin here to support my work. The GGWavePlugin is a plugin for Minecraft servers that adds a fun and colorful feature to player chat messages. When activated, the plugin turns any message containing "GG" into a colorful message with...
  2. snoozier

    StormGGWave | Activate GG Waves v1.0

    StormGGWave is a simple plugin that allows you to activate GG Waves of a certain duration on your server, whenever you'd like! This has been seen on servers when a player purchases something from their store. This plugin is open-source and available on GitHub. /ggwave start <duration> -...
  3. Pwo

    GG Wave v1.0

    Introducing GG Waves, the ultimate plugin that can add a whole new level of excitement and fun to your server! With GG Waves, you can create a unique and colorful experience for your players that they won't find anywhere else. When you start a GG wave, players will be encouraged to send...
  4. KudaXD

    💨Aurora GG Wave | Custom GG Waves | Customize GG Colors | Customize Length | & MORE! ✨

    Price: $5 Where to buy:
  5. KudaXD

    DISCONTINUED - Aurora GG Wave v1.1

    Need Support? Join our Support Discord to get help on any of our plugins! This plugin in a short and simple note is a GG Wave plugin that is used by when someone donates to your server it will allow players to send a formatted GG message in color. You can edit how...
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