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  1. Diekieboy

    EN - GRANT SKRIPT 1.0.0

  2. Nikolaa_

    ⌈♪⌋ FuryCore - Punishments, Permissions, Essentials - Cosmetics - Coins - Options

    Hello, my name is Nikola and today i wanna introduce you my newest plugin, FuryCore. FuryCore is brand new Punishments, Permissions and Essentials Core. Price for this Core is: $25.99 - Jar $x - Source (DM on Discord) $x - ResellRights (DM on Discord) Now available at resources page...
  3. C

    /Grant (name)

    Hello Everyone. I have seen this plugin floating around for a while, (RankGrant+) But It only works for permissionsex. I was wondering if anyone could make a /grant (player) plugin that works with groupmanager. I will explain it. Basically you do /grant (playername), and It will bring up a GUI...
  4. Demeng

    GrantX 2.4.7

    » Grant Procedure The biggest feature of GrantX is the /grant command. It allows staff members to easily grant players either a rank or permission node, along with a custom duration and reason. You can also specify which specific server the grant should be applied to (if you are creating a...
  5. Emeraldx6

    [♞] APermissions | ✧Ranks✧| ✧Grants✧| ✧Fully-Custom✧

    APermissions Thank you for seeing my Plugin (Tested with 1.8.9) Moved to Resource!! PlaceholderAPI supported! MySQL and FlatFile supported! MVdWPlaceholderAPI supported! BungeeCord supported! If you find a bug come to PM me on discord david1787#5138...
  6. Dem0nicPvp

    Grant Plugin

    I need a rank grant plugin. When an admin does /grant {username} a GUI comes up with a list of ranks. When they click the rank, it runs a command such as /pex user {username} group set Helper. I'll need to be able to customize the ranks either add or remove any rank I need. Also i would like...
  7. fingers

    [SKRIPT] Grant Skript [FREE] 2018-11-27

    It's basically /grant <player> then it opens a gui with ranks *Ranks can be edited and permission depending on what rank system your using to your own liking.* Picture of GUI: Dependencies: Skript(Main) WildSkript(Addon) Skquery(Addon)
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