1. Zowp

    Volcano | Ranks - Punishments - Disguise v1.3.4

    Volcano is a very optimized feature-packed network core Join the discord for more updates & to receive your license after purchase: MongoDB support MySQL support Flat-File support Ranks Punishments HEX Support Server Manager Reports Disguises Chat...
  2. Zowp

    Volcano ✦ Ranks ✦ Punishments ✦ Disguises

    Hey, Volcano is an optimized network core with a ton of features. Most messages are configurable. Volcano supports BungeeCord & Velocity. Volcano can be purchased from here Requirements MongoDB Redis Punishments Bans Blacklists Mutes Ghost Mutes (Only the player can see their own...
  3. koqel

    Helium - Ranks | Tags | Punishments v2.0.2

    Test server: Requirements: MongoDB. Redis Java 8+ 1.8-1.20 Spigot Punishments: Punishments include all types of punishments such as Bans, Mutes, Kicks, and others. Commands /blacklist <player> <reason> [-s] /ban <player> [duration] <reason> [-s] /mute <player>...
  4. B

    [1.7-1.12] [$20-$50] ⏩ EvilPermissions ⏪ - Grants | Server Scopes | Staff History | Real-Time Sync

    About A simple but effective plugin for creating ranks and assigning permissions. EvilPermissions is extremely easy to use, works across multiple networks and proxies in real-time, and has been perfected for production-ready networks. Media Features ● Supports Bukkit/Spigot/Bungee for MC...
  5. Quartz

    ✨ HestiaCore [1.7 - 1.16]✨- Ranks, Punishments, Tags, Discord, Vault

    Resource Page: Discord User: bennisthemenace1 Resource Price: $30 Discord Integration: • Sync Whenever you sync your Discord Account to your Minecraft account, your role will be transferred. • Notifications Whenever a Grant, Punishment, Report...
  6. Demeng

    GrantX | Revolutionize Permissions v2.5.4

    » Grant Procedure The biggest feature of GrantX is the /grant command. It allows staff members to easily grant players either a rank or permission node, along with a custom duration and reason. You can also specify which specific server the grant should be applied to (if you are creating a...
  7. O

    Core - Resell Rights [AUCTION] [$150 BIN]

    Selling my core, has great potential. What's included? - Commons | Source Code (Can be included in jar sales & source sales, but cannot be sold individually) - Core | Source Code & Resell Rights Features: - Commands are in 'Proof of ownership' - Fully configurable, ready to be bought and go...
  8. Emeraldx6

    [♞] APermissions | ✧Ranks✧| ✧Grants✧| ✧Fully-Custom✧

    APermissions Thank you for seeing my Plugin (Tested with 1.8.9) Moved to Resource!! PlaceholderAPI supported! MySQL and FlatFile supported! MVdWPlaceholderAPI supported! BungeeCord supported! If you find a bug come to PM me on discord david1787#5138...
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