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  1. HypeStudios

    GUI TEMPLATE 1.15+

  2. BoomNetwork

    ⚡ShopGUI+ Configuration | #1 The best configuration you will ever see... Quality & Cheap⚡

    This ShopGUI+ is configuration package for the popular plugin ShopGUI+, and this is the only dependency for the package. This configuration changes almost all aspects of the plugin, including the language (messages), the gui format (unique guis for each menu), It also changes the economy to an...
  3. Efrain P

    Custom Wallet Menu | Player stats menu 1.0

    Do not let your server have a boring and generic statistics menu, buy this product and you can customize it with 3 different styles of wallets and 18 different slots Player Head GUI Wallet Styles: Leather wallet Dark leather wallet Golden wallet Customizable buttons: Balance button gold...
  4. BreadBuilds

    Forest GUI Nameplates - ItemsAdder & DeluxeMenus Configs

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  5. BreadBuilds

    Aqua GUI Nameplates - ItemsAdder & DeluxeMenus Configs

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs
  6. BreadBuilds

    Sci-fi GUI Nameplates - ItemsAdder & DeluxeMenus Configs

    [BUY HERE] Important Links: Website: Discord: Twitter: Store: © MCMobs

    ShopGuiPlus 45 Menus | Unique Design 1.0.0

    ShopGUI+ Setup | Textures | 45 Menus | Unique Design Allow your players to have an amazing shopping experience with these modern menus. What is included? 45 ShopGUI+ Menus 8 shop Categories 3 Menu Textures 25 Total Textures Full Resource Pack with all prepared Icons & Menus Full shop setup with...

    Crate GUIS | 3 Variants 1.0.0

    CRATE GUIs | 3 Variants | Preview & Rerolling GUIs (TEXTURE PACK ONLY) Have your players look at a nice interactive clean & well designed crate gui for aquatic crates. What is included? 3 Crate Preview GUIs 3 Crate reroll GUIs Resource Pack Ready This resource has been made for AquaticCrates! Link

    Jobs GUIs V2 | 7 Job Types | DeluxeMenus v2

    JOBS GUIs V2 | 7 JOB TYPES | CLEAN DESIGN | DELUXEMENUS SETUP INCLUDED Let your choose from a wide variety of jobs. What is included? 7 Job menus DeluxMenus Setup 8 Total Textures Full resource Pack with all prepared Icons & Menus How to install? #1 Install plugins: DeluxeMenus #2 Restart...
  10. LARKYY

    RTP GUI v2 | Clean Design | DeluxeMenus 1.0.0

    RTP GUI V2 | WORLD UNLOCKING | CLEAN DESIGN | DeluxeMenu | SETUP INCLUDED Allow your players to randomly teleport over multiple dimensions. What is included? Unlockable Worlds DeluxeMenus Setup 7 Total Textures Full resource pack with all prepared Icons & Menus How to install? #1 Install...
  11. LARKYY

    Player Warps GUI | Plugin Setup, Texture 1.0.0

    PLAYER WARPS GUI | CLEAN MODERN DESIGN | PLUGIN SETUP INCLUDED Let your players easily travel to places with a modern clean menu. What is included? 3 Menus Player Warps Setup 5 Total Textures Full Resource pack with all the prepared Icons & Menus How to install? #1 Install plugin: Player...
  12. E

    CKits 1.2.0

    Using /ckits command you can view and select which kit you want to claim. Gui has pages, so you can have as many kits as you want. Kits have options like limited, stock, cooldown. This plugin also has vault support, so when it is installed you can set prices for kits. Permissions - ckits.admin...
  13. Vierdant

    Steampunk GUI Labels 1.0

    FAQ 1) Are these entire GUIs? a) No, they are just labels that replace the GUI title area. Hints the name GUI labels. 2) How do I install this? a) Essentially they are just Unicodes, font textures, so once you have the resource pack loaded you can use them anywhere. They are only meant to...
  14. Dotsis

    Astrian Spawners Premium Plugin 1.0

  15. C

    [FREE] 🌌 PlayerVaultsX - DeluxeMenus | Gradient Tool | Unique Vaults | Titles 🌌 1.0

    🌌 PlayerVaultsX - DeluxeMenus 🌌 A modern high-quality configuration for deluxemenus/playervaultsx which will make your server look outstanding. If you need help contact me or found any errors contact me on discord.
  16. Voltairoll

    Modern Custom GUI | 30+ Designs | Video Tutorial 1.0

    A set of 19 (x3) Modern Custom GUI's Compatible with Oraxen or any other plugin that uses a resource pack. Includes Oraxen configuration file (Drag & Drop) All 19 presets come in sizes of 27, 45 and 54 If you have a problem or a request, add me on discord : Volt#5265 I have plans that...
  17. Felixlim151

    Reward GUI | Christmas EDITION 0.6

    Rewards GUI - Short Description Rewards GUI is a GUI Image for daily rewards that make the gui more fancy! Preview Link : Items Include : Oraxen Configuration ItemsAdder Configuration DailyRewards Configuration Instructions 1 GUI 7 Emoji (16 x 16 Pixels)
  18. zeydahqq_

    DeluxeMenus Config | Punishment GUI 2.0

    Advanced Punishment System Menu! This menu is simple, do /punish <target> and you can select between 8 types: We offer you 8 different types || ~ You can execute: - | Warns, Kicks, Mutes, Bans and Blacklists ~ You can remove: - | Mutes, Bans and Blacklists Feel free to change anything to...
  19. snowgears

    Shop - the intuitive shop plugin

    Allows players to quickly create shops to buy, sell, barter, or gamble items seamlessly! By focusing on ease of use, players of any skill level can create in-game shops in a way that feels like a native feature. Easily change between the different types of displays! Create shops to sell, buy...
  20. Aelin

    Chest Randomizer GUI - Ingame Crate 1.0

    Case Opening GUI Texture. With prefabricated Oraxen Config, without plugin only the texture! INFORMATION: If you use the placeholder from oraxen, the name of the chest must look like this: ⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐⚐§fත
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