1. Uradonn

    Would Like to Find Some People to Help with a MMORPG Minecraft Server

    Base Idea: It Would Have Classes, Player Guilds, Guild Hall/Halls System , Mobs, Beast, Bosses to kill each time you level up the mobs get harder to kill but rewards stack higher. A Leveling System and In Game Loot Custom Lore and Lore Items Custom Items and Loot and Dungeons with using mythic...
  2. Azlagor

    LiteGuilds v1.1.2

    About The plugin provides a variety of functionality for creating guilds. The administrator can create his own guild presets (Farming Guild, Fishermens Guild, Miners Guild, Hunters Guild, etc.). Each type of guild can have unique features. internal store and tasks. Level System Administrator...
  3. G

    LegendaryGuild - Guild System v5.0.6

    Note: I am very sorry that some of the English may not be accurate! - [Attention] - Please do not set null under the default node of the language file, otherwise an error will occur! Such as: default: 'null': 'unknown' # cant set 'null' guild: 'no guild' # cant set 'null' position: 'no...
  4. timsixth

    T-Clans - Unique clans system v1.3.0

    The unique clan system. The clans system supports PlaceholderAPI and Vault. The ranking system can be integrated with Bedwars1058 and T-MiniGameAPI. There are four different types of clan creation: with paying (Vault integration) with needed items with one needed item without items and money...
  5. OrnationTeam

    Fantasy Faction Spawn 250x250, Terrain v1.0

    When you buy this map, you get a full spawn scheme and a world with a specially created world that you can use on a faction server. The spawn point is located at x: 0, y: 84, z: 0 Size for .schematic and .schematic: 250x250 Size for world file: 1000x1000 Schematic is compatible from version...
  6. OrnationTeam

    Magic Fractions Spawn v1.0

    When you buy this map, you will get a scheme spawn (200x200) + terrain (300x300 together with the spawn) The schematic is converted for versions 1.8.8 to 1.18.2 Spawnpoint, Nether Porta,l 6 places for NPCs, 3 places for Crates
  7. Leo18bernese

    Guilds v1.2.15

  8. MadPanCake

    Unlimited Adventures | Survival Setup v2.5.1

    Images: Flaticon
  9. xShyo_

    Ultimate Clans V6 & V7 | ES & EN CONFIG v1.5

    UltimateClans Settings, allows you to create clans, clan homes, banners, points and much more. ✔ Buy Clan ✔ Banner Clan ✔ Clan Chat ✔ 99% customizable. ✔ PlaceholderAPI support. ✔ Luckperms support. ✔ Vault support. ✔ Spigot Version 1.16.X - 1.19.X
  10. ByLuian

    Complete Server setups -=Factions Basico, Skyblock, Survival, and Factions Professional=-

    Hello! My name is ByLuian and I am offering complete and awesome setups of Factions Skyblock Survival and Factions Professional servers! I have been setting up servers for 6 years now on and off and would love an opportunity to work with you! Discord: ByLuian#8020 Services! (prices may vary in...
  11. Raidor

    Guilds [1.13 - 1.16.5] v1.2.1

    1.16.3 SUPPORT IS HERE! GUILDS: Allow your players to create their own Guilds and... - Invite new guild members - Expand their territory by claiming land - Set specific guild settings - Set specific player guild settings - Make allies with friendly guilds - Declare enemies on...
  12. Havocness_Reborn

    Lostage Rpg styleBuilders needed

  13. Havocness_Reborn

    Need Staff In Game /Game Creaters /Builders/BRING THAT ASS HERE

    Guilds - Warzones - Classes - Bosses - Loot - Dungeons WIP DISCORD The server is all about loot, gear and dungeons with lots of progression systems. levels matter and you can't be a little child!!!! or u will die - Well gear is a massive thing and its all...
  14. lordfulger

    Staff Members

    Greetings! My name is Lordfulger and I am the founder and creator of the Elder Tales Online Minecraft Server, a server, based on the anime show, Log Horizon, which will be released very soon. It has taken 3 years to create (jumping from idea to idea but building from experience) and am quite...
  15. GuildsMC

    Solstice RPG

    We are looking for all kinds of staff for Solstice RPG, a brand new Role Playing MMO. Developers Staff to Config Plugins Texture Artists Logo Designers Quest Creators Join our discord if interested
  16. GuildsMC

    One of the largest Existing RPG servers LF Dev

    One of the largest Existing RPG servers looking for a developer to update plugins and build a new expansion. Hollowworld is one of the largest most popular RPG minecraft servers available with hundreds of active users and thousands of registered players. This...
  17. Legendsofvaleros

    Legends of Valeros MMORPG Looking for Alpha Participants

    Free Alpha Acces giveaway every week! Simply register on our website forums and post in this thread: Click Here Or join our Discord server to stay up to date and talk to the creators: We are NOT online yet. We are working very hard to go online as soon as possible...
  18. GuildsMC


    For the last month myself and another developer have been working on a custom Dungeon Crawling experience. Here is an idea of the quality of the worlds on the server: Features of the server Randomized Dungeon Crawling Intuitive building...
  19. GuildsMC

    High Fantasy Survival Ready 4k Map Starting Bid: $40 Increments of: $5 Pm if any questions!
  20. GuildsMC

    Development Rpg System Taking Advantage of Custom Terrain

    Looking for Developers to work with me to create a RPG system based around my custom maps. Portfolio: Pm to apply. i am currently looking for developers who want to come on board to make an awesome server with me if i cant find enough developers i...
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