1. Rickylachow

    AnotherLevelShop v1.4 RELEASE

    Description: AnotherLevelShop is a modern plugin for creating and adding shops to your server quickly and easily through a GUI. It also includes a checker that automatically finds any issues such as a sellPrice greater than the BuyPrice or some items not set up to ensure that these problems do...
  2. Shadowbox

    Balanced GUIShop shops.yml

  3. SftpClient

    GuiShop Full rights

    Hey there! I see you pass by my post today (ik its cringe i'm sorry) Today ill be selling rights for my plugin "CosmicPvP Shop" which is a replica of cosmicpvp's shop but with alot more configurable so you can take this plugin anywhere by just changing up the config :) Link...
  4. LumaMajor

    GUIShopPlus or GUIShop Configuration ASAP

    I'm starting a server and admittedly I'm getting to configuration for a shop awfully close to launch. Our first server is going to be Survival so I'd like it to cover as many items as possible and be well balanced. Either plugin will work, I just need this configuration done as fast as possible...
  5. bertek41

    proSHOP | 1.8 -1.12 | Advanced GUI Shop | Hotbar Buy and More| v1.2-B

    Configure Doing Types Example, You can sell with left click or buy with left click A total of 6 methods are available: They Are Left Click Right Click Shift + Left Click Shift + Right Click Middle Click Hotbar (Always Active) Item Features İt has many supported features for...
  6. 21Callcops


    I have installed ShopGUIPlus, and have used a free config that i found here, on MCM. The /shop opens up, but nothing is inside it. Please would someone be able to help me with this issue?
  7. 21Callcops


    Hi, I'm making a hardcore skyblock server, and need a premade config for GUIShop. If anyone has one or is willing to make one, please contact me via discord: callum#0021 I also need a builder who could help me with a simple warzone, again contact me via discord. THANKS! <3
  8. Lone____Wolf

    GuiShop Config | DONOR SHOP | 6 THEMES v1.0

    Description This is a GuiShop Config made for a factions server, you can easily change the prices around for any other game mode or economy you'd like. There are many pre-set color files for you to choose from so there is less for you to configure to your liking! (Purple, Green, Orange/Yellow...
  9. T

    Factions Setup | GenBuckets | KOTH | CustomEnchants | Crates

    Buy now a factions server setup with the players in mind! All of this can be bought at a very low price of $4 (Negotiable), because I feel as though people should not have to get scammed out of their mind for server setups that aren't that great! It can be viewed at in your...
  10. Rocket Designs

    *Factions Server Configs* | GUIshop+ | Custom Crates| +More

    Hello there fellow Mc-Market users! ** Fancy's Factions Shop ** We offer very cheap configuration's of any plugin listed or any plugin you way request! We provide configurations that are optimized to...
  11. AviRules3003

    Gui Shop For Factions

    Hello MCM, Im Fairly new here so if i leave something out, just ask me Below. Today i have come here looking for a Gui shop plugin for my factions server, "MelonMC". I want a gui shop that I can access by doing /shop and I dont care the prices as long they are resonable, i would like the items...
  12. Jettoliver

    [Plugin needed] Ingame-Gui Shop

    Im Not Necessarily buying this plugin, just wondering if theres one out there. I've been looking for days, and i haven't found a single plugin that is unique like this. I want a GUIShop plugin that is editable in game. For example: /Shop create Factions /Shop add catagory Materials /Shop edit...
  13. JacobZ

    Custom Server/Plugin for sale

    Hey, I recently made a server with the help of Astroslime, a friend of mine, and it turns out ill be joining a new server and part of the agreement is that I shall not own a server. So not wanting to waste a bunch of time, I thought hey, maybe someone would like to buy this server? Its a custom...
  14. iZeddy

    MarketGUI | Shift+Click Ability | GUI Shop

    MarketGUI This is a really cool shop plugin which allows you to set up all the items in a GUI. Please can buy/sell items from anywhere. They won't have to teleport to the shop to buy/sell items. It also has a cool /shop sell command which allows them to sell alot of stuff at the same time...
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