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Buy now a factions server setup with the players in mind! All of this can be bought at a very low price of $4 (Negotiable), because I feel as though people should not have to get scammed out of their mind for server setups that aren't that great! It can be viewed at Play.CriticalPvP.net in your minecraft client. (I am aware my server is still running, but it will be shut down soon and I figured I might as well use it as a way to show off the files.)

Economy: This server has a fantastic economy setup with a perfect balance of grinder/farming. We did the math to make sure each spawner was actually better as the prices went up, and to make farming also a viable choice. We also have a GUIShop fully setup that works great! It even has CropHoppers in the shop.

GenBuckets: We have a great genbucket shop accessible via /genbucket with a multitude of wall types.

KOTH: We have a KOTH setup that runs every 2 hours, which you can configure to your liking. The rewards are also setup and viewable in game with /koth loot!

Permissions: All permissions are setup and the ranks can be viewed on the webstore found using /buy in game.

MobStacker: MobStacker is setup and works wonderfully at removing lag from the server.

EditDrops: Mob drops are modified to better the factions experience, such as villagers dropping emeralds and creepers dropping TNT.

SavageFactions: We use SavageFactions on this server which has a lot of awesome features. It is configured properly to look nice and work well on any factions server.

Crates: Multiple crates are setup such as Raiding, PvP, Spawner, and Voting crates. They are all setup with good loot and a chance system ready to go.

CropHopper: We have CropHoppers available in the /shop which suck up all Cactus in the chunk.

NoCheatPlus: We have a NoCheatPlus configuration that works great credit and gets the job done right.

Voting: Voting is also all setup and ready to go with good rewards and VoteParty setup is included.

Anti Glitch and Anti Crash: We have some plugins setup to prevent glitchers and some known exploits that people use to crash servers.

XP Storage: Players can store XP using /xpbottle.

Factions TOP: /f top is configured with all the exact spawner prices as in the shop, along with some blocks also being included such as hoppers.

TNTFill: TNTFill is included and configured in a good radius for players.

Crafting Limiter: Crafting of cakes, hoppers, gapples, and beacons is disabled so they must be bought in the shop. (Cake is considered a rarity on here.)

Wilderness: RandomTeleport is setup to work great as a Wilderness plugin in all the worlds.

Custom Help: We have one thing that almost no other server has, a custom /help. This /help menu tells you everything you will need to know about the server.

Flat Bedrock + Flat End and Nether: The End and Nether are both flat, along with the bedrock being flat in all the worlds.

DISCLAIMER: The builds in this setup are not custom, but the server as a whole is an excellent setup and it is very easy to add your own builds if you would like. One other thing, is the worlds may need to be regenerated which as their may be some builds that I didn't remove. Also this will be sold as many times as I would like, unless an exception is made that we work out. So if this post is on here, I am still selling!

If you are interested in purchasing, PM me on here or on discord @ Danny#7625
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This thread has been locked.