1. Dean

    GucciFactions [1.16.5 - 1.20.4] - 🌟 The Ultimate Competitive Factions Upgrade 🌟

    Gucci Factions [1.16.5 - 1.20.4] - 🌟 The Ultimate Competitive Factions Upgrade 🌟 Join our Discord - Elevate your competitive Factions experience with Gucci Factions, the ultimate upgrade built on the proven Supreme Factions platform. Seamlessly integrating with Minecraft versions 1.16.5 through...
  2. PanttherBuilds

    Dark Factions Spawn+Warzone ~ 700x700~[$9.99]

    Dark KingDom Factions Size :700x700 Spawn :200x200 Warzone:500x500 Npc Slot Crates Slot Quality Version Block : 1.8 + - 1.20+ Download FIle : Schematic Contact Buy : https://dsc.gg/pantther
  3. Andres D

    HCF Mythical Themed Spawn + Warzone v1.0

    Spawn size: 150x150 Warzone size: 300x300 File format is .schematic Crates spot Enchant spot Anvil spot NPC spot VERSION 1.8+
  4. fpchehe

    Aumburh Studios

    Welcome to aumburh Studios 🍀 Our Services ⚒️ : 🖥️ Server Setups & Files 🎨 Graphic Designs 🏗️ Server Builds 💬 Discord, Store & TS Setups If you are interested you can join our discord server for mor information: https://aumburh.lol/ or https://discord.gg/astudios
  5. KwSRaptor

    Pre-Built server almost alike Complex Survival-Modes.

    Mainly what i'm looking for is a unique PVE experience with custom blocks/weapons inside of crates or other hard ways of earning them. Also i'd like a dimension where players could fight off hard bosses with 8 different types, perhaps an easy dimension to a hard dimension, each mob grants a...
  6. Minelc Builds

    Castle Tropical Spawn - 600x600 v1.0

    A beautiful tropical spawn with lots of space and lots of decoration like a big skull. The map has a place for your boxes, a place for a store with signs, as well as a vast ocean surrounding the map and 4 spaces for NPCs and boxes. The map has a tropical theme and many coconut trees around...
  7. SYRQL

    ⭐ CustomCitadel | HCF event in Factions ⭐

    Ressource link: https://builtbybit.com/resources/customcitadel-hcf-event-in-factions.42794/
  8. SYRQL

    CustomCitadel | HCF event in Factions v0.0.1

  9. miljenko229

    DeathReaper Network v1.20

    DeathReaper Presents you the best custom GreekSpawn! warp crates warp food warp Rules / Info warp F top / Duels! safezone/warzone Map file Schematic Upload file in your /plugins/FastAsyncWorldEdit/schematics folder ! in game commands //schematic loadall //schematic list then press in chat [+]...
  10. HoraceAltman

    Mirage - Mega Hub v1.0

    Details Large Spawn Size - 1,000x1,000 Some Interiors Uses RPG Survival Worlds Server Spawns If you want another version CREATE a support ticket on discord Here FAQ is HERE SUPPORT DISCORD HERE
  11. Jken Anciano

    Hello People!

    Hello I'm Motumami! Looking for a configurator when it comes to plugins? Well I got you! I'm currently offering Minecraft server owners that needs help when it comes to server configurations I'm saving money for my college funds and if you need help DM me (discord: syph0468) and I'll message...
  12. MCCharity

    Jungle Ruins KOTH v1.0

    Jungle Ruins KOTH Cost: 3.75 Non-Exclusive View our full catalog at https://orbitbuilds.com! Notes: Version: 1.20+ Approximate Size: 100x100 File Type: .schematic
  13. karlito1501

    Spawn | Fantasy | 200x200 v1.0

    Size: 200x200 Versions supported: 1.8-latest spawn castle with interior big rainbow lots of different decorations big unicorn 5 npc or crate spots
  14. SerbanHero

    Blueprint | Building Printer | 35OFF v1.0.1

    ✨ Join Our Thriving Community on Discord! ✨ Connect with fellow server owners, share your tips and tricks, and get the support you need to make your Minecraft server truly extraordinary. Click here to join: https://discord.gg/dn8YE2Ctbv
  15. strom

    PlayerPortals+ v1.3

    Get support for this plugin on the Strom Discord! https://discord.gg/SyYGxrEdPn Ever needed an easy, yet powerful way for transportation in the same world (or between)? This plugin allows players to create linked portals just with a few clicks with use of the Portal Frame item that can be...
  16. KwSRaptor

    Buying budget server with 5+ PB!

    Buying a server Survival/Factions/Skyblock (Anything Related To Survival, but not vanilla) Investment - $100 Requirements: Must include Domain. Must provide proof of Ownership Custom Plugins 10+ Daily Players
  17. Velo22

    Mystical Tree | 1130x940 | Blue Lobby v1.0

    Includes • Lots Of NPC Locations • Market Stands • 3 Leaderboard Locations •2 Information Boards Supported Versions • 1.13 & Higher ZIP Contents • .schematic
  18. Velo22

    Aquatic Spawn | 750x750 | Atlantis v1.0

    Includes • 10 NPC Locations • 4 Create Locations • Cosmetic Shop • Pet shop • 8 Markets Supported Versions • 1.13 & Higher ZIP Contents • .schem
  19. Revenant.exe

    EconomyShopGUI Configuration v1.0

  20. Revenant.exe

    ShopGUIPlus Configuration v1.0

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