1. SYRQL

    Faction Upgrade | Complete Challenges v0.0.1

    Faction upgrades allow players to complete several challenges (fishing, mining, harvesting crops, etc.) The plugin is fully configurable and editable. You can add improvements as you wish. Access to this improvement menu is done with the command /f upgrade, or /f prestige
  2. K

    Meteoritepvp | CosmicPvp Remake!

    Hello! Are you looking for a minecraft faction server that is based on the closed server Cosmicpvp.com? Check out our discord MeteoritePVP Wiki: https://wiki.meteoritepvp.com/ Webshop: https://buy.meteoritepvp.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/nY95WqyrJs Factions Top $125 Charity of own...
  3. AziRixX

    VulcanusFight | PvP/Raid Mechanics fixer v0.1.4

    VulcanusFight: Combat Mechanics fixing for 1.17+ It corrects the pvp and raid (TNT) mechanics, bringing them closer to those of 1.8 Features TNT: Adjusts TNT velocity to create stable TNT cannons. Water Log: Prevents water from being present in non-full blocks (chests, slabs, stairs...)...
  4. juanchoway

    Spawn | Medieval Look Castles | 160x160 v1.0

    BUILD SPECS: 💢 Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ (Only 1.8 Blocks) 💢 File type: Schematic (WorldEdit) and .mcworld (Bedrock) 💢 Map Size: 160x160 MAP DETAILS: 💢 Enchant zone 💢 Anvil zone 💢 PVP Line 3D RENDER: Discord contact: cruzjuan
  5. Z

    Looking for investor | DreamMC

    Hello i'm Zyro and i am the current owner of DreamMC i bought this server few weeks ago and i'm currently working on a competitive 1.8 factions setup. I'm currently looking to release the faction realm as we're almost done with the...
  6. juanchoway

    Factions/Surviva/HCF Spawn | 128x128 v1.0

    BUILD SPECS: 💢 Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ (Only 1.8 Blocks) 💢 File type: Schematic (WorldEdit) and .mcworld (Bedrock) 💢 Map Size: 128x128 MAP DETAILS: 💢 Enchant zone 💢 Anvil zone 💢 PVP Line 3D RENDER: Discord contact: cruzjuan
  7. juanchoway

    KoTh | Alien Ship v1.0

    BUILD SPECS: 💢 Version: 1.8 - 1.20+ (Only 1.8 Blocks) 💢 File type: Schematic (WorldEdit) and .mcworld (Bedrock) 💢 Map Size: 150x150 MAP DETAILS: 💢 1 Cap Zone 💢 Spawn spot 💢 Organics 3D RENDER: Discord contact: cruzjuan
  8. ImCupcake

    Recruiting Staff for CosmicGalaxy LLC!

    🌌 CosmicGalaxy LLC Staff Recruitment Announcement 🌌 Dear Minecraft Enthusiasts, I am Cupcake, the proprietor of CosmicGalaxy LLC, and I am thrilled to extend an invitation to accomplished individuals to join our distinguished team. Our meticulously crafted 1.20+ CosmicPvP remake, boasting...
  9. S

    Unknown Server [1.8-1.20 Minecraft Competitive Factions Server]

    Unknown Server - PM for more information WHAT IT INCUDES? Discord Server Graphics Tebex Server files of the entire server (Hub, Factions, Proxy) Domain: Private Message to discuss An established staff team, with a slick server theme 40-60 active players throughout all timezones, slight drop...
  10. tk74612

    Looking for updated Cadia SRC-CODE

    Im looking for updated Minecadia src code discord is Tk746#9667 Needs to have balloons, hypeboxes, voyages, dungeons, crusades, etc, etc.
  11. Merlin44

    NextGenStaff v1.2.2

    🌟 Introducing the Ultimate Staff Utility Plugin! 🚀 Unleash the power of your server with our feature-packed plugin, designed to elevate your staff management experience. Let's delve into the extraordinary capabilities: Core Features: ClearChat: Keep your chat clean and clutter-free...
  12. AstrumProjects

    PIRATE HCF Spawn v1.0

    HCF Spawn PIRATES ☠️ 📏 Dimensions – 201 x 201 ✔️ NPC´s and CRATE´s Places
  13. OrnationTeam

    Medieval winter LifeSteal Spawn 100x100 v1.0

    Medieval winter LifeSteal Spawn 100x100 Spawn good for Survival, LifeSteal, Factions and Creative server! Version: 1.8 / 1.20+ When purchasing this map, you will receive: A working schematic from version 1.8 to 1.16 A working schematic (schem) from version 1.16 and above A working world from...
  14. koksuul

    NEW Spartans - Factions Setup v1.0

    (Click Here) (Click Here To Watch)
  15. Davecraft47

    [BUYING] Established Minecraft Server | 20+ Players | Discord, Fully Complete, Store, Graphics, Etc Fully Done!

    🔍 I am looking to buy an established survival, factions, lifesteal and prison server. MUSTS ✅ Must be established with active players! Must be fully completed! Must be your own server Must be up-to-date with Minecraft versions (no 1.8 servers or outdated server) MUST NOTS 🛑 Must not be a...
  16. Muhterempattes

    Blue Roofs | 130x130 | Factions Spawn v1.0

    -Product Information- Size: 130x130 Theme: Medieval Version: 1.17+ File format: Schematic Includes: 5x NPC 5x Crate 8x Villager/NPC trade 1x Lake (can be used for events) -General- Feel free to ask anything about the map! I can send you more good-quality pictures via Discord. Discord: @enescitak...
  17. R

    Selling 1.8 Skyblock And Factions, Prison Setup!

    I'm offering my high-performing Skyblock and Factions setups for sale. Each setup has efficiently hosted over 400 players simultaneously and operates seamlessly. These setups are available for a one-time purchase and won't be repeatedly resold. Connect with me on Discord at republic3010 to...
  18. BeastBounty

    💥 Introducing BeastBounty | A Upcoming 1.8.x Factions Server 🧨

    Welcome to our first BBB post! BeastBounty will be striving to introduce a unique experience on the faction gamemode that we all love. Our goal is to take already established ideas and better them into greater things. The end goal for players would be tiering up through the different levels by...
  19. MCCharity

    Tropical Warzone v1.0

    View our full catalog at https://orbitbuilds.com! Version: 1.13+, 1.17+ Approximate Size: 500x500 File Type: .schematic
  20. Vextrosity

    Night Port | 430x430 | Sci-Fi Hub v1.0

    Includes • 3 Information Boards • 7 NPC Pedestals • 2 Hologram Text Placeholders • Lots To Explore • Portal • 3 Crates Supported Versions • 1.17 & Higher ZIP Contents • Java World, .mcworld & .schem Support Create a support ticket on our discord if you have any issues or questions.