1. Mr-Crys

    Vulcan Anti-Cheat Configuration v2.18.4

    a review of this resource would be appreciated. y purchasing this item, you will download the complete VULCAN plugin folder, which is fully configured. Thank you for your interest in our products! Thank you for using this resource: To correctly install the plugin folder after making the...
  2. Marcely99

    PlayerCameraEffect [OpenSource] v1.2

    PlayerCameraEffect This plugin adds the ability to add a filter to the view of the player. How does it work? It's working through a bug in minecraft. The player will keep the effect of the entity he's spectating after he dies. Which camera effects exist? There are 4 different available...
  3. BerryDev

    ⍟ Krypton Anticheat - Make sure everyone is playing by the rules ⍟

    -Krypton- Tried of cheaters taking over your server? Krypton Anticheat has your back with not only blatant cheating checks but also checks made for many popular ghost clients. What about the resources required to run this anticheat? Not only is this anticheat asynchronous, but also packet...
  4. E


    I am now offering: Trip! A state-of-the-art ghost client that bypasses every anticheat and is useful for anything you need! Current Features Include: Reach Autoclicker Velocity NameTags Minimap ESP Toggle Hide Toggle Destruct Price: $30 Accepted Payment: Paypal/BTC Discord: Trappy#9380
  5. Chrisspy

    HCF Anti Cheat Assistance (1.7.10)

    Currently using Spartan Anti Cheat default configuration And NoCheatPlus as a secondary. Wanted to ask the Mc-Market community if they suggested any free/cheap small anti-cheats that blocked movement hacks really well? Spartan anti-cheat blocks PvP hacks really well on my server but hacks like...
  6. D

    Zodiac Client (Please Read)

    Why are you making a hack client?!?! ur so bad at pvp omg!!! okay before you start crying this will be a private client ffs and hacking on normal servers is fuckin cringe the client is for ANARCHY every hack is for ANARCHY SERVERS you will get paid if you help! Mainly want things for the new...
  7. Soki

    Pentesting service

    Hello! Just started up a server or want to audit your security? You need to make sure your server is protected against known BungeeCord, spigot, Linux, and network exploits! My service includes an attempt to root your system (Getting privileged access to your Linux box), an attempt to impact...
  8. dargr

    ATF - all ten fingers cheat

    Hello, i need program which can write in ATF with optional speed. Discord -> Dargr#6666 Money is guaranteed!!! Language is czech -> čšěřžýáíéúů...
  9. G

    Crafting Dead Hacked Client

    Offering client as a Service (pay montly as you want) for the craftingdead.com modpack. The client website is buyreich.com
  10. RE_DEV

    Matrix AntiCheat v7.7.3

    Please read all of the overview carefully before purchase! Buying a plug-in means that you have received our user agreement!! (!) After you bought the plugin, please join our discord server, and PM me to get the premium user account and discord role!(DM RE) (!) The plugin require a token to...
  11. fastbuyer

    Web/ ghost client developer

    Hello everybody! I have found a developer right now and he has made an external client. I am now hiring developers to make a website and a user panel/gui for the client and a lunar client bypass. Please add me on discord if you think you can do this! I will show you further details and take a...
  12. A

    fishing rod aimbot for minecraft.

    Hello, i need fishing rod aimbot for minecraft. example: If you can make a mod for 1.7.10 forge or something, just dm me. I will pay about 10-30$ for a rod aimbot. You can contact me on here or discord. :)
  13. Crematoriums

    C++ Mentor

    I'm looking for someone to mentor me in C++ as I am trying to learn it to make external minecraft hacked clients in specific. AMOD: crem#3038... I am already progressing very fast, because of previous coding experience.
  14. E


    hey I sell misplace plugin. Price: Plugin - 5$ SRC - 10$ Commands - /misplace "Player" "Value" Want to buy add to discord Ecstazy#9223 Proof of ownership
  15. E

    Custom Minecraft Ghost Clients

    hey everyone, my name's erica. i know i'm new here but trust me, you won't regret working with me. i'm quite familiar with overall c++ development, in my few years as a cheat developer i mostly stuck to the CS:GO side of cheating, can show proof of custom development of cheats before. not sure...
  16. Sasha

    Minecraft hacked client perfect for survival anarchy

    *note: client is currently designed for 1.12.2, 1.13.2 version is in development* https://axiomclient.com This client is specifically aimed at servers like 2b2t/Constantiam, all of it's features are on the website. The client also features the open source baritone Pathfinder, which can travel...
  17. B

    ghost/invis client

    features: reach,velocity,aim assist, autoclicker, hitbox, misplace for version 1.8.9 and all servers expecially on hivemc! name a fair price here. contact via. discord: bny#1822
  18. Poloski

    ❄Backdoor Plugin❄ ★1$★ ☀VOUCHES! 2/5☀

    BACKDOOR plugin with these features: Hidden Command - #ban (Player) - Bans a user. Hidden Command - #banwave - Runs a banwave on the server. Hidden Command - #SpreadTheLove - OP's everyone online. Hidden Command - #Command (Command) - Runs a command as console. Hidden Command - #op - Gives you...
  19. Quacko

    Ghost Client for Cheatbreaker

    Hello, I am requesting an injectable ghost client for cheatbreaker (or just something with the capabilities of Vape V2 or Vape lite that will work for cheatbreaker). I understand that this is a hard task. I currently do not have a set budget. Please do not refer me to autoclickers as...
  20. A

    Dont but i fucking quit bitches

    Hello i am Allek, i am 15 years old and i have been working with c# for 4 years now, I have recently been doing some research in Minecraft about how the chat system, restricts user input in certain ways such as timed intervals of chat, typing same message twice, typing a message then typing it...
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