1. nozamng

    UFO Hat Cosmetic | ItemsAdder v1.0

    Contains: 1x UFO Hat + ItemsAdder Configuration How to install: Place the folder you received into the main itemsadder contents folder and type /iazip on your server and enjoy your new ufo hat! For any support add my discord @noza6 You cannot sell or share this resource.
  2. _Greened_

    AdvancedHats - No Resourcepacks v1.2

    A hats plugin that does NOT require any resource packs or similar. This plugin requires 1.20.x version. There is no reason to use older versions. Recommended server software is paper. Commands: and more... You can also make your custom hats. This is just default config. Hats are...
  3. SilhouetteProject

    Spongebob Hat Pack | 15 Hats v1.0

    Hats List: Krustykrab Hat Dual Krustykrab Hat Tall Black Hat Jellyfish Hat Jellyfish Net Hat No 1 Hat Litter hat Hall Monitor Hat Patrick Plank Chumbucket Hat Chumbucket Helmet Goofy Goober Hat Squidward Mask Spongebob Mask Gangster Spongebob Hat Configurations: ItemsAdder configuration...
  4. SilhouetteProject

    Party Hats Pack v1.0

    Hats List: Party Hat Party Hat v2 Cake Hat Jester Hat Party Glasses Origami Crown Cone Hat Colorful Top Hat Colorful Flower Hat Wizard Party Hat Configurations: ItemsAdder configuration Oraxen configuration MagicCosmetics configuration CosmeticsCore configuration HMCCosmetic configuration
  5. Seasonal Studios

    sHats v1.0

    This resource includes: ▸ Hay Hat ▸ Wizard Hat ▸ Baseball cap ▸ Mortarboard (Graduation Hat) ▸ Top Hat ▸ Tiki Mask How to acquire hats in-game: ▸ (No EssentialsX) /give @s carved_pumpkin{CustomModelData:1-6} (Ranging from 1-6 for each model respectively) ▸ (With EssentialsX) /minecraft:give...

    Uniform System v1.0

    FEATURES Module Settings Easy Setup Team Specific Clothing Hat Hair Selection Add Unlimited Buttons Removing Old Hair - Hats And More
  7. J

    Medieval Helms| ItemAdder & Oraxen v1.0

    Quick Preview: Configurations Included: ItemsAdder [ DRAG & DROP ] Oraxen [ DRAG & DROP ]
  8. Yas_MC

    SomeHats pack vol1 | ItemsAdder & Oraxen v1.1

    Cosmetics hats and decorations for your server This pack includes over 40 unique high quality hats with variant (69 hats) with easy drag and drop ItemsAdder configuration. There are many hats theme : Random hats Marine hats Funny hats Halloween hats Chrismas hats Easter hats Features You can...
  9. Fjnxcl

    Pilot Gear v1.0

    FEATURES Equip script included both helmets Detailed Model Realistic handeling
  10. PixelMine

    Easter Models v1.0

    10 Models Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  11. Belka_

    St patrick's pack v1.0

    St patrick's pack This collection contains 1 Mob/NPC : The Leprechaun (3 animations) 6 Cosmetics 11 Furnitures Included Oraxen Configuration (drag and drop) Itemsadder Configuration (drag and drop) Mythic mobs configuration (drag and drop) Modelengine configuration (drag and drop)
  12. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Easter Pack v1.0

    iPlexity | Easter Pack Items Included in Resource: Easter Armor Set Easter Hat Easter Headband Easter Wings Easter Backpack Easter Chest [Furniture] Easter Key [Read Notes Below] Easter Flag Easter Sword Easter Pickaxe Easter Axe Easter Shovel Easter Hoe Easter Staff Easter Bow Easter...
  13. SaturnStudio

    Mushroom Hats | SaturnStudio v1.0

    SaturnStudio presents: Mushroom Hats This resource including: ItemsAdder Configuration Red Mushroom Hat Brown Mushroom Hat Crimson Mushroom Hat Warped Mushroom Hat DISCORD: CLICK HERE Installation Instructions: Ensure you are in the plugins folder. Drag and drop the "ItemsAdder" folder...
  14. Belka_

    NPCs pack vol1 v1.0

    NPCs pack Vol.1 This collection contains 4 NPCs (idle, walk, hello) – Herboriste – Chief – Magician – Innkeeper +8 cosmetics bonus Included modelengine configuration (drag and drop) Mythicmob configuration (drag and drop) Oraxen configuration (drag and drop) itemadder configuration (drag and...
  15. Belka_

    Classic cosmetics pack v1.0

    Classic cosmetics pack This collection contains Cap Cardboard Cone Dead mask Flowers Halo Horn Moyai hat Smart TV Included Oraxen configuration (drag and drop) ItemAdder configuration (drag and drop)
  16. MadstonMagic

    Summer Cosmetics | MMD | v2.0.0

  17. Juan640211

    WW1 Stahlhelm 3D Model v1.0

    Minecraft WW1 M16 Stahlhelm 3D Model M16 Stahlhelm helmet model perfect for your minecraft adventures or other uses. Model downloads as .zip file. Place downloaded .zip file in the minecraft resourcepacks folder. To obtain the model in-game, run the following command: /give @p...
  18. LunarStudios

    Royal Cosmetics v1.0

    Royal Cosmetics Content: x12 Total Cosmetics! x1 Royal Crown x1 Druid Hat x1 Druid Staff x1 Druid Nest x1 Jack in the Box x1 Jester Hat x1 Kings Cape x1 Knight Helmet x1 Knights Mace x1 Knights Shield x1 Playing Cards x1 Royal Scepter Included Configurations: Raw Files Vanilla...
  19. Artillex-Studios

    Winter Cosmetics v1.0

    If you're a server owner or looking for Winter themed cosmetics for any reason this resource is for you! You can even monetize it for players, lets earn with selling hats! Winter Cosmetics | 9+1 Custom Cosmetics The resource includes: ♦ Snowman-hat ♦ Scarf (dyeable) ♦ Nutcracker ♦ Candy Cane...
  20. Vifez

    Prismify Cosmetics Is looking for Cosmetic Designers!

    👋 Hey all! I am writing the forum regarding Prismify Cosmetics and how we are recruiting cosmetics designers! Lets get straight into it, I am willing to pay for a bulk amount of cosmetics, This can vary from hats, backpacks, capes, wings etc! I am looking for professional designers with...