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    ✨ Premade Servers ✨ () [HCF / Kitmap & Custom Server | 1.7.10 - 1.8.8]

    HCF Setup Included: Configured & Optimized HCF Core 20 TPS, Tested on 235+ Players. Configured Mountains (Ore & Glowstone). 5 Different builds of KOTH(s). Configured Crates (6 Type of Crates) 6 Type of Events (Tag Event, KOTH Event, Fury Event, Purge Event, DTC Event & EnderDragon Event)...
  2. B


    I sell : - hcf core : 15€ without sources and 45 with sources - Partner packages plugin : - with abilities items : 20 € - without : 10 The hcf core is all configurable and with kitmap Dm me on Discord for testing or more information or screanshot...
  3. Dxde

    [CHEAP] HCF SPAWN 200X200

    ------------------------------------------------ Selling this HCF Spawn built by me ------------------------------------------------ STARTING BID : 10$ BIN: 30$ ------------------------------------------------ DISCORD: Diss#4524 ------------------------------------------------ Build: Build...
  4. I

    HCF Core [Paid]

    HCF Core Hello, i'm looking for a developer that can make a fully custom HCF core for my server. For more info PM me. Futures: - Scoreboard - 1.7 Tab - SOTW Timer - PvP Timer - default HCF commands - Koth's - Mod-mode - Etc. Price 50$ - 100$ Contact: Discord - @iClicks#5955
  5. Dxde

    iHCF / Para Fork

    Hello i was wondering if someone can fork ihcf / para fork Budget: 90$ [[SRC]] DM For Offers : Discount#4524 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: - No bugs - 1x1 enderpearl thru - fencegate , string enderpearl thru - Staff Scoreboard [Vanish: On Off /...
  6. S

    HCF Core

    Developed by StopL4g & ventooo PRICES 5 user already purchased a src and one jar and they got 25% OFF. ◆ Source (Without Updates): €40 ◆ Source (With Updates): €45 ◆ Jar: €20 Want re-sell rights? Re-sell rights are €70 Contact Informations ϟ Discord: StopL4g#5991 ϟ Telegram:StopL4gQuit ϟ For...
  7. TheTripiz


    I would like to get an Hcf/Kitmap Core. If you can make or give me one contact me at TheTripiz#4311 on Discord. I am not in a paid position.
  8. ItzAssassin

    Cheap HCF Fork W// Tablist 100+ Features And More!

    Hello Mc-Market Today i am here to tell you about a new hcf core with a tablist over 100+ features and its only $20 (Forst Fork) Official Discord - [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] If Interested in buying or seeing what it looks like on our test server just pm me Msg Me...
  9. itsKapolei

    HCF CORE Complete ($20)

    Contact me on my Discord for information about the plugin and Payment details. CORE COST: $20 DISCORD INFO: ZACK#8810
  10. itsKapolei


    Server IP: Twitter: TheHavocNetwork Discord: Zack#6263 I've just recently opened a new HCF server. I've been looking for an Actual good core for the past few days and it seems to be impossible. I need a --> CLEAN <-- HCF // Kitmap Core (HCF // KITMAP all in one). I want a Core that...
  11. Eddy006


    Hello, I am looking for an HCFCore custom for my network, I need you to have between 300-500 people and that the factions be saved in mysql or mongodb. My budget is 100-200 dollars.
  12. Dxde

    Help me plz

    Ik my question is dumb , but i want help . Can some1 help me to import ''ihcf SRC'' I have it. (Sry if i spell wrong ;( !) Add me on discord Discount#4524 if you want to help me or start conversation here !
  13. Dxde


    Hello boys , can some1 teach me how i can claim with IHCF Core bcuz ive no idea how to work with coordinates . PM Me plz
  14. Dxde

    ➵ HCF Custom Core

    Hello guys , today i sell a custom hcf core and custom base plugin. If you want to buy plugins DISCORD: Discount#4524 Start bid : 3 euros Max bid : 28 euros HCF: - Scoreboard - StaffMode - Games : KOTH:CONQUEST,PALACE - Warp -...
  15. Dxde

    ➳ ORTIXPVP - Kitmap Fully Setup

    Sup guys , i sell ORTIXPVP If some1 wants he must have paypal Discord : Discount#4524 I'll screenshare to see server in localhost dudes ;) If you think i dont have server :)...
  16. Dxde

    HCF Core

    What's up boys , i search some1 to trade ORTIXPVP KitMap Server For Custom HCF Core for more info skype : systemerr0r_ ik this trade is dumb ,but i want much hcf core Sorry for bad english
  17. O


    Hi, i have a hcf server that me and my team have been working on for a while. So I had a dev who was "making a hcf core" for free turns out it was too good to be true so now I'm here with a setup HCF server with no core :/ so I'm looking for a core for about $50 now I know that it's not what is...
  18. Tripieye

    HCF Core + Source

    Looking for an HCF Core with the source code! Must be able to hold 200+ players with no lag. Scoreboard Combat Tag Enderpearl Cooldown PVP Timer KOTH Support F Home Timer F Stuck Timer Logout Timer Moderator Scoreboard SOTW & EOTW Time Classes Archer (w/ Archer Tag) Miner Bard Rogue (Not...
  19. ItsNature


    The real problem about iHCF Forks. People who sell them have no permission to sell iHCF or any Forked / Modified version of the plugin itself. Most of the people who sell them are Ban Evaders, I'm not going to name any but you can find it yourself. No one realizes that they are just skids who...
  20. Jestiz_


    A video will come soon with all features showed.
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