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  1. Supra

    BioCraft Network - STAFF WANTED

    BioCraft Network Hey There! We are a network that is looking to release a Factions and a HCF server in late May/early June, with other game modes to come after as well! We are looking for a bunch of staff! Positions Available Trial-Moderator Moderator Admin Head-Admin (HCF still needed!)...
  2. _nylex

    ❃Professional Faction Staff Members ❃ ALL POSITIONS OPEN

    Hello Everyone! My name is Nylex and I am the official Server Owner of LygonFactions. Today I am reaching out to the Mc-Market community to help me build a professional staff team for my soon to be released Factions server! The server has since the release of the Beta on the 1st of February...
  3. DutchSmash

    Mature & Experienced (Staff) Member [Long text]

    Hello there! I am Jasper, or as you guys know me DutchSmash. I am a 17 years old student and looking for a new type of experience. I will begin with a little story about myself and what i am doing. My Story. What i did in the past is quite simple, i am a computer nerd, when i was 7 i started...
  4. Brob

    Experienced Factions Manager

    About Me My name is Brian (IGN: Brob) and I have ran, staffed, and played on faction servers since 2011. I started my first faction server "HossFactions" back in December of 2013. I literally built the server up from scratch with my co-owner, and slowly grew our playerbase and our funds. By...
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