1. MonkeyBoi

    Health GUI v1.0

    Features: Scripted and Working Simplistic Working Bar Perfect for Games
  2. I

    Vitalo v1.2.1

    Vitalo is a spigot plugin that allows server admins to add health indicators above entity’s heads. The health indicators can be hearts or a health bar, both of which are highly customizable with multiple health bar designs, support for hex colors along with the ability to use your own textures...
  3. madtrent

    Cryptic hearts v1.0

    Cryptic Hearts: The Ultimate Minecraft Heart Management skript Are you ready to take control of hearts in the Minecraft world like never before? Welcome to Cryptic Hearts, the skript that allows you to manipulate the number of hearts players have. With full permission-based control and...
  4. mhsujan

    Domain for Sale -

    Quality Domains for Sale - Skype: m_sujanbd WhatsApp: +8801836467940 Can provide proof of ownership. Owned on and will use Escrow for safe sale. Thanks.
  5. PixelMine

    Scifi PowerUp Icons v1.1

    High quality scifi bottle icons for any Minecraft server shop, use them all or a selection as potions, ranks or powerups.
  6. TjayTheBozo

    Motivation & Tips Needed

    Hi, I'm Tjay and I am going through a tough time. I need motivation and advice to get in to shape. I am chubby and I want to get to a more lean frame so I can feel more confident. I currently weigh 184.4 lbs and I am 6'1. My goal weight is 170 lbs. Any words of advice would be appreciated! Thank...
  7. S

    Need Plugin Developed for RPG server

    I have an RPG server almost completely developed on the building and commands side, there is just a few small plugins that I need made to polish it off, these include some crafting guis and functionality, as well as setting the player health based on a scoreboard value. I don't have a massive...
  8. Akatsu

    Buying Health Bar Plugin

    This picture is from hypixel. I am looking for something similar that I can use on my RPG server that gear gives lot of Health. what I want is a action bar that shows the health of player(no decimals) like on the picture. also would like the hearts to remain at max 2 rows and work as % HP...
  9. B

    Tab Health Script/plugin

    I need a plugin or script that shows a player's health in the tab list without interfering with nicknames or disguises.
  10. PixelMine

    Chestcommand GUI Config v1.1

    Create by TheHumax_ NOTE: The file will come with 1 folder with 4 .yml files, All you need to do is drag the .yml into your chestcommands "menu" folder and reload the plugin. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! :) Example of the GUI Notice: For a list of...
  11. Bhenner

    Healing Station | Cheap | Simple | Efficient

    Minecraft Plugin - Healing Station - Healing Station is an simple, looking good, efficient and useful plugin that i created. He can be used to an lot of situations, such as an VIP kit for survival per example, or a PVP server, or an treasure to be discovered, a PVP mini-game, etc ... The...
  12. IgnitedFlare


  13. brunyman

    MySQL Player Data Bridge v4.14.0

    A bukkit/spigot plugin to share any player data across servers. You can share data as: Economy accounts, Inventory and Armor, Enderchest, Potion Effects, Experience, Health and Food levels, Game Mode and Location. More data to sync will be added in time, if you have a request then post it in the...