1. KKalebx


  2. SimplyMc

    Sky Districts [2023 Come back!]

    Sky Districts, a popular Minecraft server that first launched in 2018, is making a comeback in the 2023 season. We are currently seeking to hire staff members for various positions, ranging from helpers to moderators, admins, and managers. As we kick off the new season, all staff positions will...
  3. Amphetamine

    ☄️ SonaPrison ☄️ Looking for Staff Members | Helpers, Moderators, Administrators ☄️

    ATTENTION! The server is expected to be releasing in 1 - 2 months as it is still in heavy development. This post is made ahead of time and accepted applicants will be contacted later. We've entered MC-Market. Description SonaPrison is currently recruiting Staff Members to join the team! We...
  4. dominikflorczyk

    Simple As I Need Everyone For A Prison Server Must Read

    I'm outgoing I'm aggressive and I love my Minecraft Join me as we will make the best holidays prison to exist and i want you to help! now i know this part is not appealing right here coming up right here its next like right after this coming up in 3 2 1 right here: right here-> you get paid if...
  5. Gimmethatmtndew

    Helpers / Moderators For Network

    Hello! New and upcoming Minecraft Network/Server Looking for active, fun, professional and active helpers and moderators Currently I am looking for Helpers and Moderators to help out with the Minecraft servers. As you can see from the title we have a very active, very loyal player base. 230...
  6. LeitonW

    Now Hiring Staff | SunflowerMC | Comp Skyblock Server

    Hello, I am the owner of SunflowerMC, a comp Skyblock network and I am here today looking for staff for release. If you are interested please private message me on discord: Boogie#0420 Right now we have 2 realm they are comp realms. I am looking to fill most of the positions below: Helpers...
  7. B

    Looking for Sales Representatives & Helpers ✔️Paid✔️

    Hi! I am currently looking for some sales representatives and helpers (not the normal type of server helper). We deal more with the discord side of stuff instead of the actual Minecraft server side. If you're interested and want to know more, drop me your discord tag below and I will friend...
  8. 4

    Hiring Moderators

    LegitPVP is a small minecraft server looking for moderators. Please apply on Discord - IP - Website - Post Sponsored by LegitPVP - Connect Now.
  9. Avey

    VursusMC Skyblock ➤ Recruiting dedicated staff

    Discord: Apply here:
  10. TitanDev

    [Hydrith] Minecraft Network recruiting moderators!

    Hello there! I'm TitanDev, the owner and developer of hydrith, a minecraft network with big plans behind! About The Server Hydrith is a new minecraft network, we are planning to have more than 3 gamemodes, including Survival, Prison, Skyblock, factions and more! We are only starting with...
  11. Havocness_Reborn

    Looking talented staff for ♛LostAge Dungeons♛ WIP!

    ♛LostAge Dungeons♛ Base Raiding - Guilds - War- - Classes - Loot - Dungeons ✐ ABOUT ✐ The server is about guild on guild wars, to see who is the top of the top. You will be grinding gear items bosses and different worlds to fight other guilds to get the chance to be the crown of...
  12. Knzo

    ATROXIUM Needs Staff/Players

    Hi, i'm a Staff Manager at ATROXIUM and we are looking for staff! We are looking for: Builders - Helpers - Administrators - Moderators - Developers The Minecraft server isn't released Yet, but we are working hard on it! IP: Coming Soon Discord: Dm Knzo#5704 Join now and there is a high chance...
  13. Mr berny

    staff, builders, mods, admins, helpers,

    I need staff pls you can go discord to apply for it for mod,helper,builder,admin, builders are specially favored pls join this discord
  14. KSwitch

    Staff for Space Cadets Skyblock server

    I am looking for staff for our server that is to be released on June 5th 2020. Since the server is releasing very soon I would like to get some staff that will have a head start in learning all the features on the server to be ready to assist all the new players. Please note that I will not...
  15. VactumPlays

    Active Helpers Recruitment - Discord 1.3k members

    Hello! We are looking for active helpers for my discord. We are a minecraft discord community! We have big plans to grow the server significantly next month! So we need a good staff team to back us up! Promotions: You can easily climb the ranks, if you are active/skilled enough. Discord...
  16. MineHaven

    MineHaven | Looking for Builders/Staff

    What are we looking for? We are currently looking for experienced staff members. We expect lots of detail put into the applications, these are currently done through our discord server. Our Requirements are as follows: - Have previous staff experience. - Be 13 years old or older. - Be mature...
  17. VactumPlays

    Discord Helpers/Moderators - Gaming Lounge - 1.4k members

    Hello, im VactumPlays! Owner of Gaming Lounge. This discord player base, is made up of minecrafters. So we prefer if you also play minecraft, but that inst a requirement. If you are interested in applying, dm me on discord: My user: VactumPlays#0720 My Discord:
  18. Goald

    GoldenMC - Economy based Survival SMP

    What is GoldenMC? Golden MC is a classic Minecraft Survival server trying to fill the hole of being a classic but altered Minecraft Survival server. You know that feeling when you sit back and just listen to the minecraft playlist and time is endless, that is our goal here. We will have crates...
  19. S

    CRYSTALPVP | Looking for members of the community and staff!

    <3<3<3 CRYSTALPVP <3<3<3 What we offer: - A kind and fun community! - A professional team of active staff! - An up to date 1.7 - 1.8 server! - Adapt to peoples suggestions! - An active community! - We are growing! - Looking for staff! - Looking for a great community! <3<3<3 CRYSTALPVP <3<3<3...
  20. BlueJayYT

    In need of staff for pre-established minecraft server

    Looking for a high quality staff for our new mc server. You must have discord if wanting to apply. Dm me at BlueJay#6410 I will give you the invite to the server from there since I am not able to post links right now. (We are mostly looking for moderators, Along with Admin and helpers) Hope you...