high detail

  1. Peculiar Gemini

    Large vanilla and custom collection of detailed Minecraft Real Estate!

    I'm a committed single builder with three years of building experience on Minecraft and The Sims 4. If you have any commissions or wish to select a build from my pre-constructed list, you can reach me via these channels- PLANET MINECRAFT PATREON (All premium downloads 1$ - 5$) YOUTUBE I have a...
  2. Luxion Studio

    Mushroom Hill spawn | 256x256 v1.0

    ___________________________________________ Most suitable for: Spawn Lobby Event map Features 1.16 version and newer Size: 256x256 Spawn point Highly detailed Shop tents for NPC 5 crate places Houses for NPC River for fishing After purchase, you get: Zipped file which contains Mushroom...
  3. Yas_MC

    ItemsAdder Park plus Furniture v1

    This pack includes 19 unique high quality and functional furniture , and an easy drag and drop ItemsAdder configuration. How to install : 1. extract the content of the .zip file inside the folder : plugins/ItemsAdder/ 2. use the command /iazip Content: Park Bench Log Bench Picnic Table Picnic...
  4. Yas_MC

    ItemsAdder Furnitures Plus Addon v1.2

    This addon, adds 3D high quality furnitures decorations for living room You have fisrt to craft Fabrics from Fabric Machine, then you can craft furnitures using the colored fabrics There are 6 different collections : - Jungle summer Collection - Blanka Collection - Red Vide Collection - Gray...
  5. BlocksMc

    Bedwars and skywars - 15 MAPS [ONLY 3.80] v1.0

    Maps Bedwars and Skywars. Size: 200x200 Maps for your modality of skywars and bedwars. Version: 1.8+ ⭐10 maps bedwars ⭐5 maps skywars ⭐Teams,Duos ⭐Very cheap ⭐various themes ⭐Very decoration And more!. Schematic: 1.8+ IMPORTANT! It is a compressed folder where it contains the schematic...
  6. Yazzi

    Yazzi's Fantasy Crate Icons | 3 Detailed Crate Icons [HIGHLY DETAILED] v1.0

  7. Yazzi

    Yazzi's Fantasy Crate Key Icons |Unique Customisations [Over 4000+]! v.1

    You will need photo editing software for this resource like Gimp (https://www.gimp.org/), Photoshop or Procreate. Unsure how this works? Check out my tutorial!
  8. Storm Block

    FACTIONS SPAWN - HQ Spawn - 150x150 v1.1

    ⫸ Map information 📐Dimensions » 150x150 « ❖ Spawn point ❖ Towers ❖ Crates place ❖ Enchantle place ❖ Lake ◈ and much more.. ➲ Download Files 📚 RaR File 🌍 world. 1.8/1.14.4 🌐 Schematic. 1.8/1.14.4 🌍 Bedrock Edition MCworld 🔗Links WebSite: https://www.stormblock.store Discord...
  9. haroaek

    A High Quality Sky Spawn [Non-exclusive] + [Buy One Get One Free]

    im selling today a high quality sky spawn that consists of 3 islands with structures in each of them. the price is 5$ the buyer gets a zip file that has a schematic and a void world save + a pvp map for free pictures:
  10. dawn

    [Free] Terms of Service for any Buycraft/Online Store v1.0

    After looking back at this template years after making it, I realize it's really not that good and has very simple mistakes scattered throughout the template. It's highly recommended that you only use this if you have nothing else to use and you need it. Ever wanted a free, high-quality and...
  11. Skaryo Design

    Minecraft Icon |Logo |Thumbails |Avatar Skaryo Drawn

    Contact : MC-Market (PM)
  12. FineArts_

    [ 27 ARENAS PVP + HUB ] <<<($5.99) >>> 11 normal arenas + 13 medium arenas + 3 large arenas + hub

    27 ARENAS PVP + HUB 11 normal arenas + 13 medium arenas + 3 large arenas + hub download 3 test arenas free! by FineArts Images: Buy on Sellfy: https://sellfy.com/p/HYFT/ Buy on Resources Section (there may be updates): http://www.mc-market.org/resources/1848/ contact me skype for...
  13. Djack_

    High Quality KOTH, Exclusive !

    Hey guys, I decided to sell my build : A Castle KOTH Add me on skype to talk : xxironman73xx I dont have fixed price atm :) Screens : Have a nice day ! Djack
  14. FineArts_

    Roman Lobby [HQ] v2016-09-13

    Roman Lobby more imges: you can buy whit sellfy https://sellfy.com/p/uh72/ contac me skype for more info: superangelxz
  15. Gladish188

    High Quality Builds! Hub Spawn, Factions Spawns, and a Shop!! SALE 50% OFF!!!

    Here are several of my builds that I currently have up for sale on sellfy. Also, currently all builds listed are 50% off for 1week! (Click the links in the prices section to go to the sellfy page for that build) Note: Proof of ownership is shown in the imgur links. (If you would like to buy a...
  16. J

    Destiny's Buildteam Professional & High Quality, Cheapest Prices Ever! [OPEN]

    T.O.S #9 By contacting Destiny's Build Team you automatically agree with our terms of service.
  17. TomConn

    Highly Detailed and Awesome Prison Mine! 90x90

    Hello everyone! Today I will be selling a brand new high quality prison mine! I've spent about 7-8 hours on it, and I really hope that you will like it! --- Information: The mining area is 16x16, and the whole mine itself is 90x90. The mine took a total of about 7-8 hours to create, and I...
  18. StarSparker

    |$10| 100x100 Factions Spawn

    Minecraft Factions Spawn Hey there! Today I have a minecraft factions spawn ready to be put into your server! The build's dimensions are 100x100. I am selling this build for $10. For any more questions, PM me. A link to the Sellfy website to purchase the build schematic is below. Shop...
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