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  1. ali7913

    ♛ Arcane Studios - High-Quality Services, Affordable & Reliable ♛

  2. EdgeMC

    Edge's Art ♦ Quality Textures ♦ Custom 3D Models ♦ Resourcepacks

  3. DuFcc

    ✨ Future Pear Studios | Professional GFX ✨ Logos | Designs| Game GFX ✨ Cheap | Affordable | HQ ✨

  4. xX_Zyn_Xx


    ____________________ [✯] SkyRyzen [✯] ____________________ Welcome users, This is my first time selling my own Server setup. I have over 7+ experience being a Developer of Minecraft Server. I started to Create a Server since MC Version 1.8. This is one of my own low High-Quality Setup because I...
  5. Dev1

    Elemental Builds | Hiring Professional Builders | Build Team

  6. xSyke


    **RESOURCE CURRENTLY AWAITING APPROVAL** This is the best Skyblock Setup you’ve ever seen in MC-Market and I’ll make sure it stays that way. This setup includes amazing features to keep your players busy and interested in the Skyblock Server you will offer. RESOURCE...
  7. AB987

    AB's Management: Free Premium server management

    Hello! My name is AB987. I own a management company to help run your Minecraft. Some good qualities of me are: Teamwork: When working on a position like this, teamwork truly is key. Managers should be able to communicate with staff and players. I have been of teams that have given me lots of...
  8. Pandis

    High Quality Websites

    Hello! I'm Pandis. I'm offering high quality website developing. Currently, I'm better in front-end developing. My portfolio isn't ready yet, but it will be soon! If you want to order website, you can contact me: Discord: Pandis#7040 Skype: live:general50_5 E-Mail: [email protected]
  9. L

    Quest Universe - Survived 7 hours before the wrath of my parents fell upon it.

    Hey guys, today I’m selling, the current server I currently own, I thought it would have been fun and a great experience to own my own minecraft server, sadly (as I am 14) my parents were strongly against the idea of running a Minecraft server and shut it down 7 hours into release. As such, I...
  10. SmilingSlime

    Discord Advertising King! Big, reliable and affordable! Reach up to 850.000 people!

    For Updated Pricing, Live Membercounts & more, join our discord: How this works: You contact me explaining me in what server you would like to get an advertisement and with what kind of ping. After you've sent the payment, I will post your message (can be as long as...
  11. N

    ✨ NanabaDesigns✨ » Cheap - Quality - Fast

  12. MasterianoX

    WELL PAID | Cubed Interactive | High-end video production team looking for a 3D animator

    Hello! I am MasterianoX, a 3D modeler, pixel artist and resource pack creator, but also a freelance screenwriter, actor and video producer. I have recently been receiving a lot of positive feedback for the trailer we created for Stratos network and have therefore decided to offer our services...
  13. FG_

    High Performance KVM VPS / Xeon E3-1270 v3 / 5.29 per GB

    Hello MC-Market! I co-locate a machine that I use for my network. I'm not using much of the machine's resources, so I decided to rent out some of the extra resources as VPS servers. You can see the specs & features above. Test out the server for yourself @ Renters receive...
  14. H

    [FREELANCE] Kent's Website Designs

    ✯ About Me ✯ My name is Kent, and I am 15 years old. I am currently living in New Zealand, and I am very fond of games, and web designing. Although I have many other interests, but web designing is one of my favorite, and whilst on that topic, I do commissions to improve my work as I keep on...
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