1. StellarMine

    StellarLeaderboards - Beautify your TOPS v1.0

  2. FZR_1987

    Skyblock Spawn with optional shops and holograms!

    [ Resource Page ] Basic Skyblock spawn area with the following features: Spawn area with 3 rooms for shops, server information, workshop etc Optional NPC shops with preconfigured shops, config included Optional Holograms for server information, config included Location for voting crate...
  3. FZR_1987

    Skyblock Spawn v1.0

    Basic Skyblock spawn area with the following features: Spawn area with 3 rooms for shops, server information, workshop etc Optional NPC shops with preconfigured shops, config included Optional Holograms for server information, config included Location for voting crate Preconfigured Worldguard...
  4. converting.toBEST

    Premium Leaderboards Configuration v1.1

    6 Beautifully made Must-Have Leaderboards! Attractive Hex Gradient Colors! Animation-On-Click, Switching Between Pages! Featuring All-Time, Monthly & Weekly Categories! Includes TOP 10 for Kills, Deaths, PlayTime, BlocksMined, Balance & Experience! Instructions are mentioned in each of the...
  5. Barry

    Cookie Clicker Config with leaderboard v1.1.0

    OVERVIEW: This Cookie Clicker configuration is the best out there for modern servers. It includes 1 Leaderboard Hologram with a top 6 best players and a shop to buy upgrades! FEATURES: Custom Cookie Clicker Has leaderboards (Top 6) With Hologram! Everything detailed explained! Credits to...
  6. MagMaad

    xLeaderboards - Leaderboard Plugin v1.0

    Discord Server:
  7. Olzie-12

    Player Trade - Find trading easier v1.4.3

    Player Trade allows players to view all chest shops in a menu, showing the price, current stock, owner of the shop and the location. If enabled, you can have holograms automatically appear above/below the chests as well. You can join our test server at play.olziedev.com and type /trade You...
  8. xtaiao

    Better AFK - Skript v1.0

    The only AFK Skript you will ever need! AFK Holograms Fully Configurable [Reward, Time, Location, etc] Free Guide + Checklist for Easy Setup Optional Bonus Rewards CONTAINS Better AFK Skript COMMANDS /betterafk SUPPORT DM/Add me for support or custom modifications!

    SSB2 | OneBlock | Phases & holo addon v1.2

    TEBEX PAYMENTS SUPPORTED! MORE THAN 30 PAYMENT METHODS AVAILABLE SUPERIORSKYBLOCK2 ONEBLOCK PHASES AND HOLOGRAM ADDON ・・・・・ Improved phases with more blocks for a better gaming experience and more resources to obtain Each phase also contains special chests that enrich players with great loots...
  10. Djentleman

    OFFERING -> Cosmic Prisons /dangle plugin remake source code for purchase

    Hello! I have recently created a remake of the Cosmic Prisons /dangle plugin. It allows users to show off their items in hologram form. the items rotate in place and move wherever the players look with the name of the item above. I am currently selling this as a resource...
  11. sifery

    Hologram Leaderboards - Skript - NO LAG v1.0

    This skript provides your server with awesome hologram leaderboards! Free Setup Guide Comes with Premade Commonly Used Leaderboards (you can choose to use) [Chatting, Kills, Blocks Mined, etc] Infinite Leaderboards (created using commands) DEPENDENCIES Skript: 2.6.4 Holographic Displays...
  12. sifery

    Hologram Countdowns - Skript - No Addons v2.0

    This skript provides your server with awesome hologram countdowns! Full Customization Free Setup Guide Option for Timezone Configuration Option for ITEMALL (give item to all players) on Updates Chat Countdowns before Updates...
  13. ChaosDev

    Scyther Configuration | Harvester Hoe v1.0

    Drag and drop the files from the preferred color into your /plugins/Scyther folder Scyther / https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/1-8-1-19-3-scyther-need-a-harvester-hoe-plugin-look-no-further.74511/ HolographicDisplays / https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/holographic-displays By buying this...
  14. Balker

    PlayerHolograms v1.7

    GriefPrevention compatible Lands compatible PlotSquared compatible WorldGuard compatible CMI, DecentHolograms or HolographicDisplays can be used for holograms Multiline holograms /ph addline <hologram name> <text> - (playerhologram.addline) /ph move <hologram name> (playerhologram.move)...
  15. Forsaken Services

    Hologram Problem

    Hello, My server is 1.16.5 and I use paperspigot. I tried it also with Spigot but I got the same results. Does anyone know how to solve this? When ever I make a hologram and I try to put in a color for example &dt (color pink). It doesn't work. Even color grades won't work. I use also...
  16. ludgart

    MZP-PlayerHologram | Player Holograms - Shop - Upgrades - Animations & MORE v0.0.13

    Upgrade your server with the unique hologram plugin for your players. Give your players the possibility to create her own personally holograms! Perfect for skyblock server! Tested with the minecraft version 1.8 and 1.16. Features Shop Upgrades Animations Placeholders Textinput with...
  17. NutellaAndGo

    Minecrates 1.8 + 1.16 | Perfect for Prison Servers v1.2

    MineCrates By Nutella (Horizon Devs Owner) Hello viewer! This is a Minecrates plugin that I have made for my server, and thought other people might be interested in too! This plugins includes the following: - Infinite Rewards - Crate Chances - Region Checking - World Checking (soon) -...
  18. AshuGuptaGamer

    Discord Hologram Editor | 50% Discount Limited Time! v1.0.1-BETA

    This is an advanced plugin to edit your hologram from your discord server. NOTE: This plugin requires you to have DiscordSRV and Holographic Display setup on your server Screenshots: Commands: /dhe - Info about plugin itself /dhe reload - Reloads the plugin Permission...
  19. CrazyCreator

    VoidChest/SellChest Skript plugin (amazing)

    Hello mc-market community, As my first resource on this site I'm offering you custom made voidchest/sellchest skript plugin with a lot of cool features which I couldn't find already made. As I'm new to your amazing community and still don't know how to advertise my resources I decided to publish...
  20. Hidden1nin

    EasySkies (Skyblock, custom items, anticheat, holograms, quests)

    This bad boy packs a major punch with all the features it includes, it has ultimate customizability, from making your own quests to making christmas presents, this plugin was designed to be an all in one plugin. Creating npc's is a breeze with less than 3 commands, Feeling the need to protect...
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