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  1. foggies


    Damage Display is a simplistic plugin that provides an amazing feature to your server. What does this plugin do? Damage Display will spawn a Hologram which displays the damage that you deal to any entity including players and removes it after a couple of seconds. Who can use it? Any server...
  2. B

    [1.8, 1.12, 1.17] Cubed - NPCs | Holograms | Menus | Commands | Scoreboard | Store | Serializers

    Cubed - Rapid plugin development for 1.8, 1.12, and 1.17 The goal of Cubed is to provide developers with all of the complex systems and utilities they'd need to rapidly build prototype plugins and game-modes, and server owners/managers with the ability to manage in-game content with ease. Price...
  3. TheGust

    Configured custom menu and holograms with 13 pre-made icons | Game assets | Make your server unique 1.3

    Make your server unique and more proffesional with custom textured in-game menu and holograms with 13 premade gamemodes icons! Features: 13 manually drawed gamemodes icons for GUI and holograms; Source files for changing in Photoshop and Krita; Any icon/GUIs/Holograms can be used in vanilla...
  4. Forsaken Services

    Hologram Problem

    Hello, My server is 1.16.5 and I use paperspigot. I tried it also with Spigot but I got the same results. Does anyone know how to solve this? When ever I make a hologram and I try to put in a color for example &dt (color pink). It doesn't work. Even color grades won't work. I use also...
  5. Zrips


    For a better description and wiki pages about this plugin, please visit CMILib is required as of 9.x version. You can get it from HERE CMI Bungee plugin can be downloaded from HERE Economy: For CMI economy to properly work you will need one of two solutions: 1. Is to use...
  6. Mitzythecat

    Protocol support holograms

    Hi with protocol support, it doesn't support holograms. Does anyone have a patch plugin for it? - Thanks
  7. NutellaAndGo

    Minecrates 1.8 || Perfect for Prison Servers!

    VIEW THE PLUGIN : MineCrates By Nutella (Horizon Devs Owner) Hello viewer! This is a Minecrates plugin that I have made for my server, and thought other people might be interested in too! This plugins includes the following: - Infinite Rewards - Crate...
  8. PM2.

    RevoltCrates 3D-In Person Crate Animations LIVE Interactible Animations 1.8 - 1.18.1 2.1.1

    RevoltCrates is a revolt against all standard crate plugins. It brings out something fresh to what has been used for almost a decade. GUI Free Crate Unboxing QuickCrate - The Perfect Crate for -------------------------Roulette Crate - a Truly Refreshing Quick Vote and Common Crates...
  9. TheStephen_

    Crystal | Hub core you only need

  10. Kappios

    HCF Setup | 1.7 - 1.8 | LunarClient Support | Monthly Crates | Abilities | KOTHs 4.2

    MANY LIVE SETUPS ON THE SERVER IP: Discord: At ServerScale, we offer the most powerful Cloud Instance & Bare-Metal Server Hosting. If you want to buy any resource using Crypto or Stripe, then just open up a ticket in my discord! If you buy this setup...
  11. Soulowl

    Xijoki´s custom configs / Xijoki´s benutzerdefinierte Konfigurationen

    Hi, I'm Xijoki. At this point I am seventeen years old. I have been configuring Minecraft plugins and configs for good seven years. Moin an alle die dies Lesen können. Ich mache auch alles was hier aufgelistet ist auf Deutsch und halt Englisch. Hi to all who can read this. I also do everything...
  12. Claudiordev

    Holographic Chat+ [BungeeCord Support] [1.8.x - 1.15 -x] 2020-05-16

    The Evoluted version of Holographic Chat! Enabled to All version from 1.8 and Multiple Data Store/BungeeCord Support. Features: Enable Holographic Chat speech between Players; Radius Hologram Distance between players totally configurable; MySQL and SQLite data Toggle feature support/...
  13. Sagacious

    PVPPremium 1.5.11

  14. ignTrailed


    REQUIREMENTS * CrateReloaded Plugin needed & Holographic Displays Professional crates for HCF Servers and within budget! These can be modified to your liking ( up to 6 changes for the premade crates ) or you can purchase custom crate configs that won't break the bank! Holograms can also be...
  15. PM2.

    AdvancedCrates | Premium Animations 3.1.8

    Need help? Have questions? Join our discord server. AdvancedCrates - a crates plugin with the most EXCEPTIONAL animations for your server This plugins focuses on making the experience of opening crates a cut above of any other server (Note: Speed of animations, amount of rewards and...
  16. Cian

    HCFactions CrateReloaded Config | 16 Crates | Monthly Crate Config | Hologram & Vouchers included 1.2

    20% SALE - LIMITED TIME ONLY Professional High Quality Crate Setup for HCF Servers Owners that are looking to bring in easy profit for their servers. Used by previous server owners along with myself bringing in quite ALOT of profit. Pictures: Selling Price of each crate: Gold / Fire -...
  17. brayjamin

    Bray's Builds | FREE - Vouchers??

    Hey! I'm brayjamin, a server owner and builder. Currently, to try and boost my popularity a bit on MC-Market, I'm offering my building services for FREE. Here's a spawn I made a little while back, apparently I forgot to back up my screenshots before getting a new computer. You can contact...
  18. Anthony B.

    Holographic Displays "Overlapping"

    Hello! i was wondering if anyone knows how to solve this bug. So i have a spawn and i'm not sure if it's a block issue or anything that's disabling this Hologram to print out correctly. But it stacks everytime i have pasted in the spawn point area, here is an example (...
  19. Anthony B.

    Holographic Displays 1.7-1.8

    Hey! i was wondering if anyone knew about HolographicDisplays, I'm running CannonSpigot 1.8.8, using ProtocolSupport (LATEST) and ProtocolLib Spigot (LATEST) and it's just not working, Holograms will not show for 1.7 Clients what so ever. I even have ViaVersion installed.
  20. Census

    Zephi Network (Factions)

    Hello, I've recently created a faction server called ZephiNetwork, I was going to turn it into a network but decided not to Features: GUI-Shop (Full setup) Custom Koths Fully Set-up Kits Fully Set-up ranks Free, Spigot account (With plugins) Holograms Setup McMMO // GUIRedeem Anti-Cheat BIN...
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