1. Nick.BerserkAuto

    Modern Home 1 v1.0

  2. AgentFrettchen

    Home Skript v1.0

    An Easy Home System that only needs 1 script. Does the home system need to be in another language? ----https://discord.gg/H3959rKKQD---- And open a ticket with "Support"
  3. Devilgamergirl

    DonutHomes - Multiple Homes v1.0

    DEMO SERVER: DISCORD.PIKZSTUDIO.XYZ SUPPORT DISCORD: DISCORD.PIKZSTUDIO.XYZ don't mind these lines: Homes plugin, donutsmp, homes, teleport, teams , xduels, Pikz Studios
  4. Dizzyhen43

    Modern house 2 v1.0

    Filler Building Only, No Interior
  5. FrankMC

    Minecraft Medieval / Gothic House v1.0

    Discover the ultimate blend of aesthetics, detail, and functionality with this stunning Medieval/Gothic styled house. Ideal as a starter house, this masterpiece will set you apart in your world and among your friends. Key Features: Intricate Design: This house is a visual feast with its...
  6. Akari_my

    HomeX v1.0

    # HomeX HomeX is a feature-rich Spigot plugin that introduces a Home system to the game with MySQL database # Commands /home set <name Home> | Set the home /home delete <name Home> | Delete Home /home home <name Home> | teleport to home ## Bugs?? Write to me on Discord if you have any bugs or...
  7. Clanify

    DONUTSMP HOMES | Deluxemenus | Menu v1.1

    To use this Homes menu, you would need these plugins installed on your server: EssentialsX, Deluxemenus. How to install the Homes Menu on your server: Purchase the product. Put the folder into the gui menu Put the config.yml code in the config And lastly restart the server! If you need more...
  8. MineVote

    DonutCore v1.0.2

  9. MineVote

    Homes Plus v1

    This Homes Skript Looks Same Like Donut you can customise/change everything by Ourself! One of this needed: Skript...
  10. ProtectorBuilds

    RP House Pack - Houses 6x v1.1

    - Minecraft House Pack - --------------------------------------- +SIZE: Houses 6x +INTEROR: YES +VERSION: 1.16 - 1.18 - 1.20.1 Warps ----------- Pet Shop Bank Home Bar Miner Fisherman Discord : .turanalp
  11. X

    Minecraft landing page v1.0

    Look no further! I've created a simple and easy to use minecraft server website that's perfect for any player. LIVE DEMO Features: Copy server IP address: simply press the button and the IP address of the server is automatically copied to the clipboard. No more manual entry! Multiple buttons...
  12. Harrow Industries

    Hillsborough Castle Northern Ireland v1.0

    Precision and Authenticity: Hillsborough Castle is meticulously crafted to reflect the actual landmark with precision. Every aspect, from architectural details to the layout of the stately rooms, is designed to offer an authentic experience. State Entrance Hall: The grandeur of the State...
  13. KibbaX

    Server Website v1.0

    DESCRIPTION The server website is a comprehensive online platform designed to provide essential information and functionality to users of the server community. Featuring dedicated sections such as Home, Vote, and Staff pages, the website serves as a central hub for players to engage with...
  14. Maxlego08

    DONUTSMP HOME - zMenu Configurations v1.0

    What is this resource ? This Home configuration is the best that exists. Thanks to zMenu it is ultra optimized. This configuration is very simple to modify. zMenu allows to create patterns for buttons. So there are only the important items in the inventory file, in just a few minutes you can...
  15. kristophergeou

    Home System | DeluxeMenus | Custom UI v1.0

    Overview DeluxeMenus Configuration An Alternative Homes method in DeluxeMenus. This configuration setup contains • ItemsAdder Configuration • Oraxen Configuration • DeluxeMenus Configuration Installation Drag and drop the Itemsadder/Oraxen folders inside the plugin folders. For the DeluxeMenus...
  16. Michele0001

    Home v1.1

  17. pikz

    Economy Survival - DonutSMP Replica v.1.0.3

  18. frvzty

    Present Homes | DonutSMP Inspired v1.3

    Discord user - frvzty Discord Support Server - https://discord.gg/sZcsdqc3TW "The Homes Skript your heart desires" - R4dRevival
  19. GPI

    Generic Mobile Home 3 v1.0

    Realistic Game Ready Detailed High Quality
  20. KaelenMC

    BetterHomes v1.03

    BetterHomes is a powerful Bukkit/Spigot plugin designed to enhance the home management experience for players on your Minecraft server. With intuitive commands and a user-friendly interface, this plugin provides players with a convenient way to set, teleport to, and manage their homes...