1. VirtueHost

    Virtue Host - New Minecraft Hosting Company!

    Hey there, awesome folks of BuiltByBit! I'm thrilled to dive into this vibrant community and introduce myself. It's fantastic to be surrounded by fellow innovators and creators who share a passion for pushing boundaries and crafting incredible experiences. At Virtue Host, we're all about...
  2. PixelCoutureHub

    ServerHosting Website v1.0

    contact me with email [email protected]
  3. ThunderNodes

    🌟 THUNDERNODES.CLOUD | Minecraft Hosting & VDS & VPS | ⚡️ Fast Support ⚡️ I9 9900K & I9 13900 ⚡️ Ultra High Performance | ⚡️ DDoS Protection ⚡️

    🌟 Discover Exceptional Hosting Services! 🌟 At ThunderNodes, we're proud to offer premium hosting solutions to meet your needs: 🎮 Minecraft Hosting: Embark on your Minecraft adventures from just $1! 💻 VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers): Elevate your projects with VDS starting from $60! i9 9900K &...
  4. USHuntman777

    Buying Businesses/Projects/Partnerships

    All, I finally made it in the big world of tech as a Project Coordinator, and now I would like to start making some side income. I am looking towards a wide variety of options and would prefer your offers to already be established and generate revenue, not a requirement but preferred. Would...
  5. Etuu

    Offering Dedicated Server Space! R7 5700 + 2x 3060TI

    I'm offering my dedicated server to anyone interested! These are the specs: Ryzen 7 5700 64GB DDR4 3200MHz 2TB HDD + 500GB SSD 2x 3060TI 1000W PSU This is a really good server that can be used for anything! I can set it up for you if you need anything. Some applications that can be performed...
  6. Niv1337

    7+ Pages - Game Hosting Template Website v1.3

    Hello to you, It is important for me to note that I am a new web developer who takes building websites as a hobby, I am now doing it to improve and therefore I am selling at a very discounted price, the website will increase in price in the future due to our desire to make it special. In...
  7. druid_gg

    🚀 FREE SERVERS at (Minecraft/Rust/Palworld/Ark) 🔥

    🔥Free Minecraft/Rust/Palword Servers and more🔥 Our cloud hosting platform is in early beta, and we’re looking for gamers like you to take our brand-new game server tech for a spin, starting Feb 22 at 1:00 pm CET. Oh, and did we mention the Beta is completely FREE? ☁️Innovative Cloud...
  8. Noistern

    💖 Valentine's Special: 60% OFF Minecraft Hosting + Free 2GB RAM Plan! 💖

    Hey Minecraft fans! 😊 Celebrate Valentine's Day with us at Noistern Hosting and get a massive 60% discount on all our Minecraft hosting plans! Just use code VALENTINES60 at checkout. Plus, don't forget about our FREE 2GB RAM plan - perfect for getting started on your adventure! 🚀 Take a look...
  9. N

    (Cheap) Renting out dedicated resources in a Ryzen 9 7950X Server

    Hello there! Just as advertised in title, I'm currently looking to get a Ryzen 9 7950X Dedicated Server and rent it out in order to split costs. I currently run a Towny Earth server and purchasing a dedicated on my own would lead to wasting majority of the server's resources. I'd need atleast 2...
  10. Avianserver

    Avianserver | Free Hosting | Ryzen 7700G | Minecraft, Palword, Node JS and More!!!

    Hosting your own Game server might be expensive but with Avianserver All is Free, you can host your very own Dedicated Server and play with your friends, you might be wondering how we sustain our hosting? We used ADS to sustain our hosting, so please keep that in mind. Minecraft Tutorial...
  11. sidboy55555

    MyMcHosting - Affordable premium servers

    Unbeatable Prices, Unbeatable Performance! Get ready for an exclusive offer that's too good to miss! At MyMcHosting, we're on a mission to revolutionize the gaming experience. Our goal is crystal clear: to make premium servers accessible to everyone. We believe that top-quality hosting...
  12. Noistern

    🎮 Noistern Hosting: Unleash Your Gaming Adventure! 🚀 FREE 2GB Basic Plan | 💰 Flexible Paid Options | 🛡️ 24/7 Support | 🔒 DDoS Protection

    🎮 Level up your gaming experience with Noistern Hosting! 🚀 Whether you're diving into Minecraft, exploring the vast worlds of Rust, or embarking on epic adventures in ARK: Survival Evolved, our easy-to-use game panel puts you in control. Start with our FREE 2GB Basic Plan and use code BBB10 for...
  13. InfraCharm

    InfraCharm Managed Hosting | Free System Administration | VPS and Bot

    Links: Discord Our Site Other Threads: Plugin Configuration System Administration Sales Email: [email protected] Support Email: [email protected] Shipping Address for Colocation: 3419 Virginia Beach Blvd #5410 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Important Reads: Terms of Service Privacy Policy...
  14. Layered

    Owehost Cloud: Affordable VPS from $1.3/gb - Reliable Hosting Since 2021

    We're Owehost & we prioritize high-performance yet low budget VPS hosting, tailored for gamers and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). Since 2021, we've built a highly satisfied customer base, thanks to our user-friendly dashboards and comprehensive, free support. For a limited time, use code...
  15. rrm

    Unique Game Server Hosting Website v1.0

    Heya, This website was coded for a hosting company which I started that never took off. There is: A home page Footer on all pages Minecraft Hosting Page Discord Bot Hosting Page Fully filled in FAQ's Pricing which could be reused I have coded this with plain HTML however have utilized...
  16. regex

    Blutor the hosting website template v1.0

    Information Fully responsive website Premium Customer Support Highly customizable Easy to setup PS:- Currently this is a single page website, an update will be launched soon adding more pages like TOS, Privacy Policy, About, Plans, etc. DEMO: Demo Support For any kind of support dm "regex_"...
  17. Fusion Hosting

    Unlock Your Gaming Potential with Fusion Hosting (Now Hosting Palworld) - Exclusive 50% Off for a Thrilling Start!

    🚀 Welcome to Fusion Hosting - Your Ultimate Gaming Haven! 🎮 Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? Look no further! Fusion Hosting is your premier destination for top-notch game hosting services. Whether you're an avid Minecraft player, a survival expert in Rust, or a...
  18. KadeMC

    [Requesting] Dedicated Server Hosting for large FiveM server

    Good afternoon BBB, I am the Owner of a medium to large FiveM server. Our current numbers are listed below, and we are looking for a new host for our server. We are currently with ReliableSite and they have been great, however, we are wanting to increase some performance and move locations...
  19. Kann

    Modern Hosting Website Template v1.0

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