i7 cpu

  1. UFoh

    (1u physical server) 4790, 32GB of RAM, 1U, 4 HOT SWAPPABLE 3.5 DRIVE BAYS. I CAN SHIP

    Hello, I'm doing something a little different with my hosting company and am downsizing a bit. I only have need for one of these servers so I'm selling the other one. I built it myself and will provide pictures in a bit, I'll update this post with them later. I honestly want to see if there's...
  2. dieterf

    Dedicated Server Intel I7-6700K - 64 GB DDR4 | 500Gbps DDOS Protection

    Offering a deditcated Server located in Germany. Hardware: CPU: Intel I7 6700K (4 [8] x 4 GHz) RAM: 64 GB DDR4 HDD: 2 x 1 TB Uplink: 1 Gbps Traffic: fair use (at least 2 TB without restriction) KVM over IP: 24/7 connected IPv4: 5 IPv6: 1000 Location: Germany - Frankfurt Datacenter: Interwerk...
  3. FrogYT

    i7 CPU, SSD, Decent RAM Host

    Looking for a host that utilizes an i7 CPU (Skylake or Kaby), a pretty quick SSD, and a decent amount of RAM. DDoS protection/mitigation is also preferred. US server location. 1 Gbps uplink. This can be a standard dollar amount per GB typical server or a VPS or a dedicated. If you are a host or...
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