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  1. NewStick

    Affordable and quality website creation

    My new portfolio : Some clarifications : - I don't deal with database or e-commerce stuff. (only front-end things!) - I'm just creating website, I don't manage the web hosting (FTP, SSL...) but I can help you with it. - I don't create any log-in, hiring... system. - I...
  2. 24214

    Xenporta 100% Integration and theme/Layout setup

    I'm looking to turn my website into something far better! Willing to pay to achieve this feat. Must include Xenporta usage! I hope to be able integrate custom designs with the theme of this sketch art Please show me your...
  3. Incrility

    WHMCS + Multicraft Website Integration

    Looking for somone to modify the themes or templates for WHMCS and Multicraft so they match my Website. My budget is: 15 dollars Need this done quick within the next 3 or 4 hours. I don't need exquisite detail or anything fancy. I just want some basic addition of the...
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