1. Orcane

    Skript and Factions

    Hi Mcm! I have my server hugely based of of Skript. It's a factions server, and I really don't like all of the newer versions of Factions, so I got the Factions UUID plugin, a factions plugin that is in the 1.6 style that runs on 1.8 with UUID support. Sadly when I run my server with this...
  2. G

    Custom Plugins

    I'm an experienced developer with lots of experience in Java and Yaml. If you need a custom plugin, comment your Skype name here and I will be in touch. This is not a free service, price quotes will be given after you explain the plugin. I also ask for the payment upfront to prevent losing my...
  3. KOVAR

    >> KOVAR Designs Plugin Development Thread >> 3+ Yrs Bukkit/Spigot Dev Experience

  4. M

    Searching for the experienced Java developer (Paid).

    Hello forum, I own the server network, which is ready and will open up very soon. I have huge money already invested into it. I need an experienced Java developer, who is able to sustain current and to create new concepts. I will pay hundreds of dollars per week for work (depends), but I need...
  5. Tezk

    Tezk's Development Shack - Affordable & Vouched

    Introduction My name is Tom and I'm from Australia. I enjoy programming and more specifically developing plugins for Minecraft. I have roughly one and a half years of experience with the Java language. As well as around a year with the Spigot API. Prices Please contact me for a quote. I no...
  6. M

    Need an Android \ IOs developer.

    Hello, forum. If there is anybody capable of developing the android \ IOs games with a lot of spare time, please, contact me in Skype: squizzz1 The work is paid. I will talk about the details when you add me. Thank you.
  7. DrkMatr1984

    Experienced Bukkit/Spigot Plugin Programmer

    Hello, Let me introduce myself. My name is Nicolas Shreiner/DrkMatr1984/Myekaan, and I'm 31. I am new to McMarket, But not new to programming. I've been in the bukkit/spigot server programming scene for 3 years, but am only now offering my services. I'm familiar with reflection, NMS code...
  8. AeroSama

    OdinCraft Network recruiting Developer :)

    Hello we are looking for along with my admin partner and creator of the server, a developer java who can do his job, to this work will be rewarded in due time also the effort will be rewarded, we need one in order to grow the network's why we ask for help aver who joins us to our Network. Here...
  9. SpeedPotion


    What is Ultra? Ultra is the new management team that will setup your server, will fix your problems and develop your perfect server. Ultra team! - SpeedPotion Java developer, I love coding and creating new stuff, what I love the most is seeing that thousand of lines is used by people...
  10. X

    Tnt-Wars plugin

    Hey! I'm looking for someone to make me a Tnt-Wars plugin. Basically where there are two teams, Red + Blue. Skype me for more details at... Skype: JacksonHogan1
  11. X

    Custom website

    Hey! I'm looking for someone with good website design skills. Example: Php, Html If you're interested or want details, contact me at... Skype: JacksonHogan1
  12. VinexAx789

    Vinex's Plugin Shop | Great Prices, Quality Plugins

    Hey there, I'm Ryan. I've been developing in the Java platform for about 2 years now. I'm currently taking requests for small and medium plugins to develop. I'm currently not accepting any large base plugins at this time. Small Plugins ($10 - $15): These plugins consist of Chat events...
  13. penguinstyles

    Looking for developers experienced in Java and PHP

    Hi! I am currently working on a Minecraft CMS (Content Management System), much like Enjin, that allows server owners to create beautiful and easy to use websites with as little hassle as possible. I come from a background in Web Design, so PHP and Java is not a strong point of mine. Please...
  14. Deractus

    Looking for experienced developers $$$

    Hey guys, my name is Deractus and I own a semi large network. Our dev has had to resign (possibly temporarily?), and we are looking for someone to take his place. Obviously work is paid, and the payments would be send through Paypal. Requirements: - At least 1 year experience in bukkit/spigot -...