1. LucidDevelopment

    Looking for A Developer

    Hi! I'm looking for A developer to help me create Lucid Faction Bot V3! This will be a paid position(this will be discussed in dms). If you have experience in mineflayer and want to earn an extremely simple active income, shoot me a dm: V8. I will send references from Lucid fac bot v1 & v2! I...
  2. LucidDevelopment

    ⚡⚡ Discords First Multi-Guild HWID/IP Auth System ⚡⚡

    We're looking for talented developers to try and stress test our system, with that comes a free license key!
  3. MX1D69

    ⚡Cheap & Fast ⚡Custom Discord Bot For Your Server 💸

    Need a custom bot? 🤖 Well I've got you covered! It's all about quality service 👌 By requesting any bot from me I assure you with speed & great service. What have I already made? 🤔 Tickets Giveaways Service Team Server Backup Applications & Tickets Music Moderation Reaction Roles Leveling...
  4. FornaxAgency

    Fornax Agency | Custom Websites & Design | CHEAP AND FAST!

  5. Sakio_

    Paypal Payments System v1.0

    Payments System with paypal API. Support with all web hosting Easy setup system
  6. Hookx

    Delete this.

    delete this thread
  7. Laithy

    Discord Bot Developer

    Offering good quality discord bot development with API Integrated projects and more advanced systems. Please ensure that your requested project does not go against discords terms of service. Prices set will be determined to align with your budget while still being reasonable. I would love to...
  8. dqum

    cheap websites

    As I'm building my portfolio and trying to get reputation here I'm offering a cheap website building as soon as it's not something over the top. my discord: @nevea__
  9. Developerr

    Freelance Full Stack Developer | Looking for Clients

    Greetings! I am a skilled full stack web developer with expertise in developing dynamic and user-friendly websites and bots for various platforms (Spotify, Discord, Twitch). With extensive experience in front-end and back-end technologies, I have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript...
  10. L3GION


    Expert Web Development Services: Creating Remarkable Digital Experiences for Portfolios, NFT Websites, and Gaming Platforms We Offer Our Web Development Service For : • Portfolios • NFT Websites • Gaming Websites • Thread to Website Design Service My Projects My Portfolio ...
  11. ByCoquito1

    Raven Bot | Multipurpose | 100% Deobfuscated

    Raven Bot have more than 100 features, incluiding Ticket system, Level System, Economy, Welcomes & Leaves, and so more features. Fully Configurable. For more information or any doubt you can join to our Discord Server and remove the doubt.
  12. D3mocracy

    🤖 D3mocracy | Freelancer | JavaScript Proffesional

    Discord: D3mocracy#8662 Mail: [email protected] Have a wonderful day :D
  13. Alfanise

    ✔️ Web Development & Design 🔥 $12/page ⚡ High Quality

    Hi, I'm Alfanise. I create modern and optimized static websites for businesses and portfolios. My SEO optimization includes keyword-focused pages with alt tags and metadata. I ensure compatibility with screen readers by describing all images and buttons. For maximum quality, scalability, and...
  14. AxelBravo

    Minecraft Server Portals Template v2023-01-08

    ⚡ MINECRAFT PORTALS⚡ This is the ultimate landing page (portal homepage) for your Minecraft server (or network) with lots of cool features including click-to-copy IP functionality, theme support, server status, responsive design & more! You can get this portal looking exactly how you want it...
  15. Billison

    Offering Development Services

    Hello All, I've been absent from the Minecraft community for a while now as I've been working for a tech company in Australia. I am proficient with Java and JavaScript. If you wish to see my past work kindly message me and I will respond as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from...
  16. MathisDev

    Freelance developer available - Custom Discord bot development

    I am currently available for your bot discord orders Here is why you should choose me: The most frequent questions when you are looking for a provider are recurrent, that's why I decided to write this message to answer the questions mostly addressed to my private messages. First of all, you...
  17. N


    I can make you a site or page for your business or project I mostly make static front end only sites but I can make a website that will work for your back end (I do not make the back end) Prices Home page: $10-50 Other pages: $5-30 prices may be higher but only if they are very complex If you...
  18. Baylee

    Website change monitor

    looking for a developer that can help in making a module that can locate updated stock on websites. add discord for more info - baylee#2222
  19. slz

    🌑 Nebula Studios - Bot Development | Premium & Affordable Bots!

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