Portfolio Website - Good choice for you v1.0

  2. CalledCracki

    Minecraft UI Landing Page v1.0

    FULLY RESPONSIVE - MC LANDING PAGE - HTML & CSS A free MC Landing Page inspired by ByBilly What this resource contains: Fully responsive website design Modern UI/UX Design 100% customizability Feel free to change anything however you like Excellent visual design Everything looks very clean ^^...
  3. AppoCS

    Minecraft Website for Servers responsive v0.5

    Features: Fully responsive design; Looks great on computer, tablet & mobile. Made for lagg free! User-friendly interface; Modern, visible and lively colors! Customisable: Read terms/permissions/readme/etc before editing! SEO optimisation: Meta tags to help boost your sites ranking on google are...
  4. H

    Ticket Bot v3.0

    - Features of the bot : - Full control in Config - more than 6 sections 2 Languages (Arabic - English) You can put a picture of the bot and put a status for the bot When the bot is running, you will get a message that the bot is working with the license information You can add and remove a...
  5. nish

    ⭐ Nish Service ⭐ Webs/Bots/APIs Development ⭐

  6. M

    Programmer skills

    Hello guys, I want to work on any project about programming. I'm a student at university, I study IT. For backend I know C/C++ , Python very well and a little bit of C#. Also I know about object oriented programming. For frontend I know HTML, CSS and JS. BTW I am not Indian 😂 With my programming...
  7. MathisDev

    Freelance developer available - Custom Discord bot development

    I am currently available for your bot discord orders Here is why you should choose me: The most frequent questions when you are looking for a provider are recurrent, that's why I decided to write this message to answer the questions mostly addressed to my private messages. First of all, you...
  8. elixr


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