1. BenchStack

    Royal Crates Animated v1.0

    Royal Crates Animated 3D models Crates and Keys, good for MMORPG and Cosmetics servers. Include ItemsAdder & Oraxen support pack and Vanilla. Includes x70 3D models animated. Move the "ItemsAdder" folder to the "YourServer\plugins" folder. (If you use only ItemsAdder) Move the "Oraxen" folder...
  2. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Crates Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Allows you to create Crates and Keys to open those crates Place crates on the map as operator to mark their locations! Super cusomizable! PERMISSIONS: crate.give - Can give players crates key.give - Can give players keys COMMANDS: /crate /key [playername] Please note that by...
  3. SaturnStudio

    Green Chest | SaturnStudio v1.0

    SaturnStudio presents: Green Chest This comprehensive set contains everything you need to enrich your server, including: ItemsAdder Configuration Chest Model Key Model Join on Discord: click here! Installation Instructions: Ensure you are in the plugins folder. Drag and drop the...
  4. NitroSetups

    Crates Graphics Pack v1.0.0

    The Crates Graphics Pack made by NitroSetups is the perfect GUI solution for any server looking for professional looking crates. Combine these custom GUI graphics with custom crate models and your crate setup will look incredible! The configuration both include the raw graphics and an example...
  5. Blockwave

    8 | Christmas Key Icons v1.0

    INFORMATION - 🟦8 Christmas Key Icons 🟦 All icons in size 512x512 🟦 All icons with transparent background and no watermark 🟦 You will get .rar file with outline & with no outline -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  6. PixelMine

    Emerald Gem Crate Models v1.0

    8 Block Models Crates Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible 3D Preview Available
  7. Mycri

    Skeleton Key Pack v1.0

    INFORMATION 4 variants, 10 colors each variant, 40 keys total. For any Minecraft server, mix and match keys the way you like. See all 10 colors here on our website: https://[Censored]/products/skeleton-key-pack DOWNLOAD A .zipped file with: 40 individual key .PNGs
  8. bynoment

    6X SCI-FI Crate Icon v1.1

    Includes: 6x SCI-FI Crate Icon (HD Quality)<3 Discord : erhan52
  9. Chris Graph

    x4 Pirate Crates & Keys v1.0

    4 pirate crates and 4 unique keys for your server! ItemsAdder : Configuration for pirates crates & keys Install all plugins required and restart your server Drag & Drop file in your plugin folder ItemsAdder Now you can run this series of commands : /iazip Enjoy!
  10. Artillex-Studios

    Fantasy Keys | Store Icons v1.0

    High Quality Icons for Tebex/Buycraft or any minecraft server shop - use them all, or the specific ones you like The download includes: • All PNG icons with transparent background, no watermark • All icons in those sizes: 500x500 & 256x256 • Separation by variations • "ALL" folders in both...
  11. PixelMine

    Royal Chest+Key Models v1.0

    9 Block Models & 9 Item Models (Crate Keys) Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Grey, Maroon, Purple, White, and Yellow. Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  12. PixelMine

    Medieval Key Icons v1.0

    30 high quality key icons in 5 designs, grouped into 6 tiers for any Minecraft server, use them all or just a selection.
  13. PixelMine

    Royal Chest+Key Icons v1.0

    18 high quality key & crate icons for any Minecraft server shop.
  14. Mundi Design

    EPIC KEYS | Keys Store Icons | NOW vAll Versions

    EPIC KEYS (7 tiers) is the pack you need to give your store a special and PREMIUM look, MORE THAN 20 OPTIONS trying to take care of quality details and adding, in addition to the typical keys, a unique selection such as Whiter, Ender or Ancients Enjoy FHD (Full HD) 1920x1920px quality (scalable...
  15. Zalbus

    Deluxe Key Icons v1.0

    12 Key Icons designed for Tebex. There are a total of 4 keys grouped into 3 categories. *Includes one bonus plain key for each category.
  16. Ellie

    12 Christmas Icons for Tebex/Buycraft v2021-11-30

  17. Aelin

    20 Intricate Key Icons - ALL Materials v1.0

    20 icons for $3.99! This set of key icons are perfect for any and all types of crates your server store may be selling. Cover all of your bases with this single purchase of 20 key icons! What you get with your purchase: 20 unique key icons in a variety of colors and styles. Source illustrator...
  18. Cristopher Lema

    KeyLocker / Backpacks Key

    Hey guys, Today I am currently in the looks for a keybackpack plugins What does this plugin do - Firstly, it would pickup keys when mining and instantly put them into the backpack - Secondly, it would have different tiers like Small, medium, rare, legendary - Thirdly, you could right click...
  19. PixelMine

    Pixelmon Key Icons 1 v1.1

    12 high quality custom key icons for any Minecraft Pixelmon server shop, use them all or just a selection.
  20. Aelin

    Blocky Key Icons - Crate Keys for Tebex v2.0

    This Buycraft icon pack includes TONS of high quality vector, clean key icons for your server store. Simply upload them into your website and you'll be good to go - featuring a wide variety of colors representing every type of material, you could sell any crate key with this pack. What you get...
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