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  1. Artillex-Studios

    LuckyBlock KOTH | Free Map v1.1

    Map Informations: ♦ Author: Lirias ♦ Version: 1.12+ ♦ Total Size: 250x250 ♦ Size of playable area: 150x150~ The map/download includes: ♦ Spawnpoint ♦ Koth Point ♦ Decorations Important Links: ♦ Discord Server: ♦ Author's Portfolio...
  2. Artillex-Studios

    AxKoth | The All-In-One KOTH Plugin v1.5.0

    Command Description /koth wand Get selection tool /koth create <KOTH> <CAPTURE/SCORE> Create koth /koth delete <KOTH> Delete koth /koth start <KOTH> Start koth /koth stop <KOTH> Stop koth /koth stopall Stop all running koths /koth editor <KOTH> Open GUI editor /koth tp <KOTH>...
  3. BreadBuilds

    KOTH - Maya Dungeon - 177x196 v1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Cave themed Koth full of secrets ∎ Size: ≈ 180x100 ∎ Versions: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ 1 main room ∎ 2 side rooms [/SPOILER] DOWNLOAD you'll receive a .zip with: Schematic: World Minecraft Bedrock ➔ 1.8 ➔ 1.8 ➔ .mcworld file ➔ 1.12 with 1.12 blocks ➔ 1.12 with 1.12 blocks...
  4. Adi Setups


    Bid Information: Starting Bid: $7.5 Bid Increments: $2.5 Bin: $20 (Negotiable) Current Bid: N/A Build Includes: 1. 100% Resell rights. 2. Npc area 3. Crate area 4. 3d model here 5. Holographic Text Areas! 6. Spawnpoint area. Info: Will be transferred full resource if need anymore info contact...
  5. DarkRedAxel

    [SOLD] Medieval Castle ( Spawn / Hub / KotH ) EXCLUSIVE

    -Pictures • -Information: • Exclusive • Cost: Open to Offers • 255x255 Circular • 1.8 - 1.16 Compatible • Sent As Schematic or World File Contact me here or add me on discord- DarkAxel#1326 Open to Commissions as well :) Portfolio:
  6. DarkRedAxel

    Amethyst Garden ( Spawn / Hub / KotH ) NON-Exclusive

    -Picture/Render • -Information: • NON-Exclusive • Cost: 5$ • 241x241 • 1.8 - 1.16 Compatible • Sent As Schematic or World File Contact me here or add me on discord- DarkAxel#1326 Open to Commissions as well :) Portfolio:
  7. TheGreatScrubini

    Faction KOTHS

    Are faction koths usually built near the spawn or can it be built in like a separate world and how big should you make them?
  8. Satima


    Have you ever wanted a marvellous HCF KOTH that is so charming and fantastic? Well, you came to the right the place. We offer one of the best HCF Koth's for the cheapest price on MC-Market. Once you purchase this product at our special 50% sale you will be granted with a special permanent...
  9. nbsf

    KoTH Trees - Free Build v1.0

    This is a basic build suitable for KoTH servers, available for free! PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW IF YOU ARE HAPPY OR CONTACT US IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT ❤️
  10. DenyCC


    *Reposted due to trashed thread of people stating it wasn't worth the initial listing price. It has now been reduced to $80 as I need it gone quick* Hey guys, Today I am selling an exclusive spawn for a factions server I had used to own for the past couple of years. This was used for about a...
  11. skreb

    3 KOTH Builds/Arenas | 80x80 | $2.00

    SKREB Today I am selling a set of three non-exclusive KOTH builds/arenas for $2.00 Available from here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you will be getting Forest-themed KOTH (80x80)...
  12. X

    [FREE] Custom KoTHs

    Hello! We at Jender Builds are looking to gain a presence on MC-Market and grow our reputation. In order to do this, we are giving away custom KoTHs! KoTHs (3/3) 75x75 KoTH - Requires 10 +rep (0/4) 50x50 KoTH - Requires 5 +rep (2/5) 25x25 KoTH - No reputation requirement Samples 25x25 Castle...
  13. Shamus

    Koth Ruins v2018-07-28

    This resource was built for Minecraft version 1.8.9! Images: Information: The Koth is 128 by 128 wide each side the Koth schematic file will be placed at the centre point of the Koth. Discord:
  14. RedPain

    [KOTH] Mountain (EXTREMELY CHEAP - 0.50€) 40x40 Medieval Style

    Hey, are you looking for a nice and small KOTH map? Well, congrats you have found the perfect map, just for 0.50€. This map's 40x40, I made it small to don't take to many room. This map was 100% made by me, you can check my free builds at: Images...
  15. Millennium

    Custom Made Arena's {#3} {Cheap}{Custom}{Amazing}

    Today, I will be selling my 4 custom made Arena's for you with great prices and very good detail's on all 3 build's - 1 Faction Arena/1v1/ {Size Large} (Structure) - $20 - 1 Obsidian 1v1 arena (Can also be used for KOTH {Size Medium} - $10 - $15 - 1 1v1 sky arena {Size Large/Medium} {Bridge...
  16. Chicks

    Jungle Koth

    Hello, my name is Chicks and I'm ex-builder from Kohi. I built a KOTH a while ago for Kohi, but the never used it thats why I'm selling it. Video: Size: 125 x 125 Price: Pm me price or comment. TOS - Terms of Service Paying first to prevent scamming. You will not claim the build as your own...
  17. LovelyHD

    KOTH [Cheap]

    ---=KOTH Info=--- * 33 x 33 (dimensions) * Willing to make small customization's to build for free to match server. *Prefer to sell base model! Will make large configuration for an extra charge. * It is on my test server and you can view it first if you would like. BIN: 3$...
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