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  1. Rednasdees

    $500 USD, Optimized Server settings For high player, 20Tps | 1.17.1-1.18.2

    Look at the image for info DISCORD:
  2. HotCore1

    Referral Offer Challenge [ 💰 Make Some Money 💰 ]

    Hello There, if you know some friends wanna buy a VPS if you wanna make some money i'm giving away 15% - 30% out of any order that's referred by you and you can get your money on PayPal Our Pricing starts from ( $12 / month ) please contact me on discord for more information : EarthQuake#4230
  3. Kiteflow

    RedLimiter v1.1.0

    RedLimiter Lag machines be gone! RedLimiter hopes to provide a solution to the age old issues of redstone lag machines without completely disabling redstone, it simply just limits it! RedLimiter is simple, you just drag it into your plugins folder and it works it's magic. No need to do any...


  5. Kraapy

    Lag reduction assistance

    EDIT : Someone hired.
  6. V

    [PAID] Professional Server Optimizations

  7. M

    need help with high latency and lag

    Hello mc community. Our server have recently experienced very high latency and in general a bunch of lag. I have attached the photo with a example in the tab with ping but the tps is still 20. Thanks in advance!
  8. D

    ☄️ StressMC | Stress Test Your Minecraft Server | Starting from $1 ☄️

    Unfortunately I'm no longer providing this service, thanks for checking it out
  9. Saraeg215

    Looking for someone to solve tps issue

    Hi! I am the owner of a server with 5k+ members. We have been experiencing major lag/tps issues for about a month now and we are running out of options. We have optimized our server, switched hosts, removed plugins, etc. We are looking for someone who will be able to figure out our issue...
  10. himitsu

    ✨ Server Optimization | Starting at $0.5/server | Get 20 TPS ✨

    Hello! I'm Simonee, a Minecraft server dev with almost 3 years of experience. I run a server that is a perfect 20 TPS at 20 players with a 12 chunk view distance. A lot of 1.13+ servers' TPS drop a lot, which can turn people off. The thing that not many people realize is that you don't even...
  11. R

    Looking for experienced people with removing lag from fairly large multiplayer servers

    We are experiencing major lag issues in the SMPEarth Public Server (, and we're looking to bring on a developer who specializes in making the server run smoother. If I need to pay you, I will. Please DM me RPS1222#5127 on Discord (You can join the Discord server at y5BfFjP) Thanks!
  12. I

    ExploitsX - The Solution to every single Minecraft lag, crash, and chat exploit. 1.8.18.REFLEX

    ExploitsX - The Exploit fixer that's months ahead of the game. Now with 1.16 support! (0.25.1eby and later) Before buying this plugin: 1) Join the support discord at for any questions and to acquire a free license of Xantibot. Ping Bubba#8888 in #support PLEASE. 2)...
  13. Questinq

    Factions Printer Optimization

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to make factions printer work completely smooth. On my server, it is just very slow. I don't know if I need a different plugin or what, or if it is in my jar config. I use beerspigot, but if anyone could help me please contact me; willing to pay...
  14. Sideliner

    ClearLag Configuration | Highly Optimized | Unique Designs 1.0.0

    This configuration for ClearLag is literally saving your server. Lag Clear Preview: Features: - Primed TNT no longer gets cleared - Falling Blocks (Such as sand) no longer get cleared - EXP. is no longer cleared - Fixed the Honorable default messages - ClearLag no...
  15. Xyawio

    Requesting Dev or Configuration services Paid position

    Hello, I currently run an RLCraft minecraft server. If you're unfamiliar it's an 1.12.2 modpack based on "realism" I run the recommended version of spongeforge suggested by the modpack developer. I didn't really know where else I should post this but this seemed like a good start. I'm having...
  16. L

    Lag helper/Lag identifier

    Hello all, Currently seeking some help with identifying and cracking down on some lag on my FTB servers. Anyone with good knowledge using VisualVm and well known Minecraft mod Sampler. I know the basics and have managed to identify some lag however i need a more in dept analyst. If you feel...
  17. tranbao123123

    I need help Optimize Server 100+ (i will pay 10$-100$) (Info Cpu,timings here)

    Sorry about English Skyblock- I Optimized my server to 100 mem not lag (tps about 18-20) but when it increase TO 110-120+ TPS drop to (13-15-16..) (Plugin, config paper,taco,bukkit,spigot,...) Info: CPU E3 1230 V2 - 32 Ram (My 1 server set laugh flag is 12) I will send you timings for private...
  18. RqyzTM

    Fancy Clear Lag - Prevent Lag with Style! 1.4

    FancyClearLag (From now FCL), help your server to prevent Lag. FCL can remove Entities (Zombies, Skeletons...) and Items too... Because FCL do his job with Style! In fact, it is 100% configurable!! And it has some interesting features such as: Title and Subtitle Option ActionBar Option...
  19. B

    {$25} cHCF Core | iHCF Fork | SOTW Enable | Fully Configurable | Jar & SRC | Includes Spigot

    No longer a product
  20. Daaku

    Help with timings

    Hey everyone, I recently set up my minecraft server (beta 3 months ago. release 13 days ago). Problem is that we don't have the most stable server. Our average TPS is about 19.8 but we just can't ever hit 20tps. I'd like to have some help with my server's timings. I would greatly appreciate it...
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