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  1. Strects

    Ace Writing Services | Legal Documents, Proofreading, Literary Analysis & More

    I'm offering a variety of writing services, including: Legal documents (Privacy Policies, Terms of Services, Mutual/Non-Mutual Non-DIsclosure Agreements, etc.), Extended pieces of literary analysis on fictional works This extends to any kind of English-centric assignments covering prose and...
  2. zRH_PvP_

    zLangSelector | Lang Selector API 1.0.0

    [] = Optional <> = Required /zLangSelector Help - Show the help /zLangSelector Reload - Reload the plugin /Language - Open the language selector gui - For /zLangSelector Help zlangselector.reload - For /zLangSelector Reload zlangselector.selectlanguage - For /Language...
  3. Anthony M.

    A General Language File Question

    Do not leave, I'm not asking for help with my language file at all, this is for you, developers AND server owners. Introduction Let me introduce you to my current idea, please listen before you say it's stupid or useless, I know some may care and it could end up good for your sake too! I've...
  4. 0115962

    Minecraft Translation Plugin

    Hello MC-Market, I am a little new to this, but I am hoping regardless, my request will make sense. I am looking for a Language translation plugin that does the following: Translate Chat and Plugins per Player per language Here is a more descriptive overview of what I am thinking. In order to...
  5. Shamus

    6x Essentials Custom Messages 1

    Keep your server looking fresh with 6x different and simple themed essentials messages, drop and drag to install. Requirements: The latest version of essentials x Installation: 1. Download 2. Unzip 3. Drop the chosen file in the Essentials folder 4. ./ess reload 5. Done All files were created...
  6. Lysander

    SuperiorSkyblock2 Dutch language file 1.0

    ENGLISH A Dutch language file for the plugin SuperiorSkyblock2. If you need help or support, add me on Discord: Lysander#8550 DUTCH Een Nederlandse vertaling voor de plugin SuperiorSkyblock2. Als je hulp/support nodig hebt voeg me dan toe op discord: Lysander#8550
  7. Shamus

    Custom Essentials Messages (Simple and Clean) 1.1

    Mainly used for 1.8.9 servers. Folder Includes different variations in different theme colors: Dark Aqua and Aqua Dark Blue and Blue Dark Green and Green Dark Purple and Light Purple Dark Red and Red Gold and Yellow White and Gray Installation: 1. Download 2. Unzip 3. Drop in Essentials...
  8. Bail3y


    Channels for all languages! Support available. Roles for each language. Marketplace. Invite Link: Contact Me for gfx, web design or web development. Bailey#7223
  9. Kirby

    Web Developers for Web App

    Hello everyone, Today I am looking for web developers to make a web app, which one day will be turned into a mobile application as well. I am wanting to make a language learning app. Many other language learning options do not quite offer a fun way for kids to learn a language. There will be...
  10. BlackyPaw

    [API] I18N - Internationalize your plugins! 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT

    I18N Internationalization API for use with CraftBukkit / Spigot Please note that this resource is a re-upload of my existing resource on Spigot! You may find the original resource here. The I18N project aims to be an easy-to-use API for plugin developers to internationalize their plugins...
  11. Croc

    Allow other languages if English translation is provided!

    Today I came across a thread in which a new member was requesting a web designer in Spanish. However, he provided an English translation as well. A chat moderator replied to the thread telling him that he was breaking a rule for putting Spanish in the thread. I went back into the rules and...
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