1. zqodev

    LastBlock v1.01

    Commands: /lastblock help /lastblock give <block> /lastblock menu /lastblock reload Permissions: lastblock.give lastblock.reload Contact by Discord: zqodev
  2. Immortal Studios

    Lifesteal setup - Immortal Studios v1.5

    Join our test server to view all the features yourself. Join our discord server if you want to test server DISCORD GUI MENUS We invested over 30 days meticulously crafting a sophisticated setup, developing more than 35 GUI menus comprising over 11500 lines of code. Our aim is to enhance...

    Free Ranks | Tab | Luckperms Config v2.0

  4. iumproject

    Unique Lobby Setup | Christmas Editon v1.0

    This product is the xmas themed version of our product called Unique Lobby Setup. If you want to buy it without a theme or if you want to review all other features, you can click here.
  5. Diekieboy

    AureliumSkills | Deluxe Menus Config v1.1

  6. Diekieboy

    Warps Menu | Deluxe Menus Configiuration v1.0

  7. Diekieboy

    Tab ,Scoreboard , Lpc & Luckperms Config v1.0

  8. Diekieboy

    Mincustom Pickaxe Texture pack v1.0

  9. iumproject

    Unique Velocity Setup v1.0

  10. TropicalShadow

    Extended View Distance v1.0

    This plugin enables the dynamic adjustment of player view distances on your server. It accomplishes this by modifying the server's view distance to match the largest of either the server's default setting or the individual player's configured view distance. This flexibility ensures an optimal...
  11. iumproject

    Unique Lobby Setup | With Resourcepack v1.0

  12. iumproject

    Unique Bungee Setup v1.0

  13. iumproject

    Unique Lobby Setup 0

  14. Diekieboy

    MinAlonsoTags Configuration v2.0

  15. Tiptronic

    Gens Tycoon - Premium Server Setup v1.20.2

    Test server IP: Features Latest server version: Enjoy the server on 1.20.2! Custom Gens Optimized Core: Enhanced and optimized core system for custom generation features. Custom Texture Packs and Models: Ability to use custom texture packs and models, allowing...
  16. Atomatrix

    SURVIVAL - Premium Server Setup v1.5.3

    NOTE: Please refer to the documentation before asking for support in the Discord Server. (Buyers must verify their purchase to gain access to support) OVERVIEW: This Survival Setup is the best one out there with a Coin Shop, Cosmetics, Auction House, Players Shops, Graves, Claiming & more! The...
  17. Cyanade

    Edge AntiCheat (1.7.10 - 1.19.3)

    Edge AntiCheat Have a cheating problem? Why not try Edge... Edge is a state-of-the-art anti-cheat system optimized for all editions of Minecraft. By implementing advanced logic and heuristic detections, Edge compares player activity against the standard behavior of a vanilla Minecraft client...
  18. Col_UnderPants

    Best minecraft store or is it more personal preference?

    Hey there, I'm curious about some stuff, I know there are a few webstores out there for Minecraft but the biggest ones currently are tebex and craftingstore. I'm just curious which is best out of all of them, I know a lot of people like tebex for their chargeback support but leave that out and...
  19. Atomatrix

    LIFESTEAL - Premium Server Setup v4.4.0

    LifestealCore is NOT required for the setup to function. It is an optional purchase that can improve your Lifesteal Server. The setup comes with a simple, custom Lifesteal plugin by default. Follow the steps in the docs to integrate it into the setup. NOTE: Please refer to the documentation...
  20. 30nn

    DragonMC | Community SMP & SkyBlock Server

    DragonMC | Community SMP & SkyBlock Server. - Always members online - 300+ Discord server - High quality bungeecord setup - Cheap hosting / MySQL - Paid plugins ($40+) - High quality setups. - Easy transfer ownership. Willing to negotiate price. Please contact me on Discord for more...
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