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  1. Sith Emperor

    Lightsaber Dueling Arena v1.0

    You got a small map for a lightsaber dueling game.
  2. Naruvus

    Jedi Temple on Ilum Star Wars Map v1.0

    Textured Ilum temple with a working door system, includes several rooms: Large “lobby” Training area with pads for fighting Library area Meeting room 2 Meditation Rooms Besides the temple the map includes a small exterior area with weather effects and a large maze lit up with crystals with an...
  3. Kolvian

    Kol's Blaster and Saber System v1.0

    Advanced blaster and saber system with bf2 style cooldown, dynamic damage, blaster deflection, and lightsaber forms. Advanced gun system Includes Battlefront 2 style cooldown, stylized sniper scopes, rolling, crouching, and animations Built with performance in mind High-quality particles...
  4. Nikoloz

    Jedi Order Pack 1 - Map and Tech v1.0

    This Jedi Order bundle contains a Jedi Temple on Tython, Lightsaber System and a Chat System to help you kick-start a Jedi group easily and cheaply.
  5. Nikoloz

    Lightsaber and Blaster Systems Pack v1.0

    This bundle includes the following products: Lightsaber System Blaster System: Those two can work together; as in, you can deflect the blaster shots of this system using the lightsabers of the same system. Test place with both the Lightsaber System and the Blaster system (A copy of it will...
  6. Nikoloz

    Lightsaber System v1.0

    The lightsaber system includes – 7 Saber Types with ability to add more Crystals – saber color changing UI Built in Team Ui Shop UI – The Ui template is there, you can script buying however you like, be it in game currency/robux Built in loadout UI Completely revamped UI – Fits the SWTOR theme...
  7. Nikoloz

    Star Wars Blaster System v1.0

    Star Wars Blaster system has a highly customizable framework, custom animations, etc. Its compatible with the Lightsaber System that’s on-sale on Nikoverc’s Store (Specifically, the sabers can deflect blaster shots) A lot of features are going to be added, like gun modes, explosive ammo...
  8. miggles

    Custom Saber Pack 1 v1.0

    6 different lightsaber hilts. Perfect for saber systems. These are only models
  9. miggles

    Darkside Lightsaber Pack 1 v1.0

    This pack includes the lightsaber models of well known dark side users. I will make a second pack for lesser known characters, like Savage Opress and Asajj Ventress. These are only models. Includes: – Darth Maul’s Saber (TPM) – Count Dooku’s Saber – Palpatine’s Saber – Darth Vader’s Saber –...
  10. RTech

    RTech Lightsabers - R6 v1.0

    Includes the Darksaber, more custom lightsabers, better sounds and particles, better cross guard lightsaber, and much more! SETUP TUTORIAL:
  11. RTech

    RTech Lightsabers - R15 v1.0

    Includes the Darksaber, more custom Lightsabers, better sound and particle design, better Crossguard Lightsaber, and much more! Stamina has been added along with some new additions. This is the R15 version, not the R6 version.
  12. N

    Lightsaber - 32x32 Pixel Art v1.0

    This pack includes the following items: Two types and six colors of lightsabers. ItemsAdder and Oraxen configuration files. 32x32 original images. Aseprite project files of the image. You can use one of the plugins to utilize a preset configuration file. ItemsAdder Oraxen If you want to...
  13. Bob290

    Star wars weapon pack v1.0

    A star wars weapon model pack from the clone wars era to the galactic empire.
  14. AlwaysIzanaX

    Recruiting staff, questers and builders for star wars server! (Набор персонала, квестеров и строителей для сервера звездных войн!)

    Hello! I am currently developing a small star wars server that I need help with, it will be mainly based on factions with lightsabers, force abilities and fighter jets, in the future I plan to open a RP server for both English and CIS countries, however I really need you, moderation...
  15. Aelin

    Animated Lightsaber & Sword 3D Pack v2.0

  16. K

    LightsaberMC - Looking for Staff

    LightsaberMC Hello! I am Kreyon, the owner of lightsaberMC. In a galaxy far far away.... LightsaberMC Is an upcoming Star Wars minecraft server which will consist of custom force abilities, lightsabers, quests and much much more! This server has been in heavy development for little over a...
  17. Watchers Of Fate

    3D StarWorld Pack - Star Wars v1.6

    🔆 Pack informations 🔹 Lightsabers (open and close) : Maul, Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Revan, Vader, Anakin 🔹 Anvils as droids and seat 🔹 Many 3D blocs, and many textured 2D blocs 🔹 Other 3D weapons like han solo blaster, droid blaster, clone trooper big blaster 🔹 3D models like cristals, jango fett...
  18. K

    Recruiting staff and builders for star wars server!

    Hi! I am Kreyon and i am currently running a start-up small star wars server which i am in need of help with, it's mainly going to be faction based with lightsabers and force abilities etc however i am in deer need of builders and staff to help me run it! Currently, these services would be...