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  1. Minesuchtiiii

    Ultimate Discord Announcer | A powerful announcer for Discord

    Test all my premium plugins: - 1.19.1 Check out the plugin here Feel free to send me a private message or add me on Discord if you have any other questions. @Ange#3857
  2. Minesuchtiiii

    UltimateDiscordAnnouncer v1.3

    Note: If you're planning on using this plugin on a Spigot server, I highly recommend getting the Spigot-optimized version here If you have any other questions about the plugin feel free to send me a private message or add me on Discord: Ange#3857
  3. ABDevs

    Advanced Discord Logger 5.2.0

    Advanced Discord Logger is a very powerful event logging tool for single server owners. Think it's too pricy? Lifetime ADL Support costs almost around a monthly subscription to Netflix. Ain't that bad, is it? ADL v5 has lots of breaking changes. You need to do a clean install of ADL for it to...
  4. L

    HCF Style CombatLog

    Hello MCM Users today I'm looking for a dev to make me a Combat Log plugin. with a Villager on combat logout, normal logout, kick and ban. I'd like to be able to set a custom death message in chat upon death with logger Commands /logout /ct Discord: Sxd#0744 Budget: $20
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