looking for a partner

  1. Starfruit

    Looking for an experienced person to add as a partner - creating a large network / company

    75%+ of the details will need to be discussed in a Discord voice chat surely, but I will provide some foundational info here so you know what I have going on, what I am looking for, and can figure out whether this situation is right for you. Is this for you? - If you do not have at least SOME...
  2. ghooslyDev

    Looking for partner to open an Practice server.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for partner 'cause i want to open an amazing Practice server. Everything will be from scratch. Staff team, domain, server name etc. We'll both pay for this server. We will then divide 50% of the money we earn from the purchased ranks. Also, the plugins will be fully custom...
  3. Menly


    Hello, I own a server with a 20+ playerbase. I am looking for a guy who is interested in partnering, which means he will get the supporter rank and donate to my server monthly. he will earn 10-15 percents of the server's donations every month. Are you interested?! Pm Me ! Server IP- SynexMC.net...
  4. trequannichol

    2500 Subs on youtube And im looking for a partner

    hello I got 2400 subs on youtube and i have lots of ideas for a Minecraft server but I don't know how to dev or setup stuff Anyone that has a server piz let me be a Co owner or something I have super good ideas and I can help your server a lot by getting players from my youtube I can get my Boys...
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