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  1. Y

    Looking for a Dev to code Minigames, plugin system (WILL PAY)

    Hey, I'm looking for a Developer to be a part of my coding team! I am a content creator called Youn and I host Monthly events which are like Minecraft championships.. I am looking for someone to be able to code at least 8-12 Minigames, a whole leaderboard system, music in the background...
  2. 0

    [Dev Found-No longer looking] Small new SMP server looking for devs--super chill and flexible

    Hello all! ^.^ We are looking for a developer to help us add more interesting features to our server, such as survival ranks and quests. This won't be a high-commitment job, as I am super chill and flexible, and I am open to any guidance you have to help me run my server. Thank you, I found a...
  3. C4ptainChris

    Looking for a dev

    i'm looking for a static dev for my server, i want him to work only for my network. you need to have knowledge on dedicated servers and coding, i'm basicly looking for a dev that can do all the development on my server, dm me on discord for any further. C4ptainChris#0992
  4. lilbopbops

    ☁️CloudyPvP☁️ Looking For Developers

    CloudyPvP | Developer Application What we are looking for? We are looking for dedicated and talented individuals to form our development team. We are looking for 1-2 developers with configurations experience and a basic understanding of Java. We have been searching for a few weeks now and have...
  5. lilbopbops

    CloudyPvP│Looking for developers

    About us: We are a skyblock server in development that will later add prisons, survival, and much more down the road. We are planning on a release date sometime in mid to late November. We want to ensure that development is productive and organized, so we have decided to recruit new people to...
  6. RealCrispyCrumb

    I need a handful of plugins done (Full Time Developer Needed)

    I have some plugins I had made from a few devs on but they've all stepped aside with personal stuff. I need to find someone I can work with to start/continue development on a handful of projects. *details will be shared in DMs* Budget and time are flexible so we can chat and see what works out...
  7. Bunnnni

    PhantomHQ Need Developer

    Hello, I am the Owner of a network in progress known as PhantomHQ, I am looking for a developer who is very experienced and knows what they are doing. We are also looking for someone who can actively communicate and does not go "MIA" and disappear for long periods of time. This will be paid once...
  8. __LiL

    Looking for a Developer.

    Looking for a developer that knows how to code java plugins and javascript. Also if you do your job and the server does well, you will get double of what we make in the first month.
  9. LaxoYT


    FAQ: Do I get paid? I am a spigot developer 1 year experience and want 100 dollars for a warp plugin. Umm no I am sorry. We are looking for people who love minecraft and want to put their free time in a project. If we make any money we will pay you. Is the server english? The main language is...
  10. WorldIsYours

    Have thousands of players, need dev/sys admin

    Hello, so essentially I have an access to 200,000 new minecraft players every day (don't ask how) and need someone to monetize the sh*t out of this GOLDMINE. I shit you not I can make 100 new players join every 6 minutes. INSANE. Need someone who is quick, experienced with mc servers and is...
  11. I

    Full-Time Minecraft Development Job

    Hi, my name is Justin. A close group of friends and I are currently developing a Minecraft server. We are looking into hiring a developer for several plugins that we would like developed. The plugins that we need developed have already been designed in-game in order to make the job as easy as...
  12. Miles1570

    Head Rocket Kill Effect Plugin (Ranked Skywars Reward)

    Looking for a Developer to make me a Head Rocket Kill Effect plugin or skript, like the one on Hypixel. I'm willing to pay anywhere from $5-15. I'll DM you the rest of the details if you add me on Discord. Add me on Discord if your willing to make it: Miles1570#2096 Here is a clip of what...
  13. R

    Network Server Development | Paid | FrostPVP

    FrostPVP Needs Professional Java Developers What we are looking for - At least 2 years of Java Experience - Works with BungeeCord and - Must be confident with self capabilities and be able to work under pressure - Friendly _______________________________________ if you do not meet the...
  14. Blaqe

    Looking for A dev..

    Hi MCM. I'm looking for a dev that can make me a plugin that uses EzQueue's api to hook into festherboard so you would be able to see ur queueing on the Scoreboard. Budget: 10$. -ZneakyPvP -English isn't my First language..
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