1. Matias67Asd

    Lobby Setup Only 6,99 v1.0

    ↣ With your best configurations And optimized set up to handle your players with no-lag Server Lobby Setup Ready to be set up and running! ↣ Support Version 1.8 - 1.19 ↣ Contains no premium plugins ↣ Easy configuration when editing names We compose flawless works free of...
  2. Devysion

    [Optical Studios #1 Italian team] Quality build at a low price

    Contact us https://www.opticalstudios.eu https://discord.io/opticalstudios (open a ticket here)
  3. xX_Zyn_Xx


    ____________________ [✯] SkyRyzen [✯] ____________________ Welcome users, This is my first time selling my own Server setup. I have over 7+ experience being a Developer of Minecraft Server. I started to Create a Server since MC Version 1.8. This is one of my own low High-Quality Setup because I...
  4. Daniell0013

    Daniell0013 Quality Builds/Low Price/Fast Delivery

    --Snake Build-- ------------------------------------------------------- Price start from 5+ dollars to 40+ dollars 50x50 / 200x200 Paypal Only For more information contact : Personal Discord : Daniell#3133 -------------------------------------------------------...
  5. Daniell0013

    Quality Builds > Fast Order > Low Price ![ Snake Build ]

    --Snake Build-- ------------------------------------------------------- Price start from 5+ dollars to 40+ dollars 50x50 / 200x200 Paypal Only For more information contact : Personal Discord : Daniell#3133 ------------------------------------------------------- Portfolio ...
  6. FRmaxFR

    Installing the Pterodactyl + Daemon Panel Low Price

    Hello, I install Pterodactyl on your servers for only $ 2.00! With : - SSL certificate - Daemon - Panel All the work is done manually and not by a stupid installation script. You can take 1 server for the panel and 1 server for the daemon CAUTION: The server on which the daemon is located must...
  7. Andrei777andres

    ❖ OP Prison ❖ Bid

    Hello, Im selling this setup. The server is in Spanish but if you want I can translate it to English. Bid Start from -> 10€ Min Bid Increment -> 5€ If you have any question or you want more pictures DM me
  8. A

    I can be a builder for your server if u want

    Hello, im NullSector and i am a builder i can build very beautiful buildings from any kind and im looking for payment i dont request much :D
  9. HeySamuel

    Premade GTA V in micraft

    I'm looking for a low-priced premade of a GTA in minecraft with these requirements: Works Vehicles Weapons Cell phone prison Police system
  10. HeySamuel

    Anticheat ( MLGRUSH )

    Good morning, I'm looking for a not too expensive anti-cheat that can be made in mlgrush, so I do not bother for dragclick, butterflyclick and that do not bother for a cps limit! My contacts: Telegram: @ISamuzz Discord: HeySqmueo # 8214 Excuse me for my English xD
  11. Jkfanzy

    ✧Volgain Builds✧ High Quality Builds and Terrain! Reasonable Price!

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via skype or discord. You can also send me a PM if you can't find me on skype or discord. Discord Chat: https://discord.gg/3w3vYNm ONLY CONTACT JKFANZY FOR NOW.
  12. gadoneitor15

    The Towers - MiniGame Spanish and english Free v1.0

    Highly Optimised MiniGame Low Memory & Cpu usage Ready to use for english and spanish people, both configs Cooming soon respawn with better things the vips. IF you like to donate paypal: [email protected] i will post every week a free setup next week survival Terms ▪ You need to share...
  13. kbabe


    Small little anticheat, decently optimized, clean code (kind of) ======================================= Selling jar (with setup, and help/support) : $10 Selling src (with setup, and help/support) : $20 I am doing vouch copies (vouch copies will not come with src)...
  14. HosterDaddy


  15. S

    2.8k-Subscriber Youtube Offering Promotion (Servers, trailers, giveaways, ect. cheap)

    Hey, my name is Sythee and I upload minecraft pvp to an active 2.8k subscribers through my youtube here I have an average of 2k-4k views a video, and the last trailer I uploaded for someone received 5k views. My fanbase is the type to enjoy anything I upload, so promotion wouldn't be a problem...
  16. MaxLeon

    Ultimate HQ Prison Pack 50 Mines + Free Prison Spawn only 10$ #Non Exclusive v1.8 , 1.9

    - Please read all -Ultimate Prsion pack . -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ◆1.? This packet contains 50 Prison Mines and 1 Spawn - Price 10$ - Non Exclusive |-----------------------------------------------------------|...
  17. Team Geothermal

    Team Geothermal Build Services ✷ Cheap/Affordable ✷ Beautiful Builds

    Hi there, we're Team Geothermal, a Build Team who has been working together for almost a year now, and we've decided to go professional. We currently consist of many skilled builders, some of which have been building professionally for a while as well as a few former builders for large-scaled...
  18. saxion

    Website design for servers!

    Hello, my name is Saxion and I am a website creator/designer. I create websites for a decent price and if you aren't willing to pay $150 for xenforo I have something very special for you. A lot of people do not have $150 for the xenforo liscense but I do, I have a lot of money. I used to...
  19. M

    MyMCServers | Cheap and Reliable Hosting Company

    Affordable Minecraft Hosting ▀▄▀▄ 1.50$/1GB ▀▄▀▄ EU & US Location ▀▄▀▄ 24/7 support My name is Matthew.S. I work with MyMcServers I am here to announce that we have decided to reduce our prices on our HDD servers! On top of that, you can get 50% off a new order! Using promo code...
  20. Deadbeat08

    [Consultation] PvP Arenas (Hand Built and Carved)

    I am new to the professional minecraft community but I've been told by my current employer that appointed me head builder that I have high quality builds, and I'd like to get some outside consultation from more experienced creators (about pricing and such). This specific build is a FFA arena. It...
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